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6 benefits of extended breastfeeding beyond a year

If you thought breastfeeding was only good for the baby, think again mama! Breastfeeding has been proven to have many benefits for both mum and bub, but did you know extended breastfeeding (that is breastfeeding your child past their first birthday or even after they turn two years old) isn’t necessarily widely supported by all parents.  However you feed your baby – whether that’s bottle or boob – is totally fine, fed is always best....

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Introducing Solids

When is it safe to add seeds to your baby’s food?

Seeds can be a great addition to your baby’s diet as they are a source of fibre and important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. As you approach the exciting stage of starting solids, you may be wondering if or when you can include seeds in your little one’s food.  In this article, we break down when you can add seeds to your baby’s food, what seeds you can introduce and tips for how you should go...

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Mixed Feeding

6 hacks all bottle-feeding parents should know

Once you’ve decided to bottle-feed your baby, there are many different elements to consider and plan for. If you are breastfeeding and plan to express your milk to feed your baby via a bottle you will need to decide how you would like to express it, with either a manual or electric pump.  Or if you are choosing to use baby formula, you will need to decide which formula to use. This can take some...

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Baby Development

How to soothe a fussy newborn

When you first hear your baby cry – it is a truly special and moving experience which tugs on the heartstrings. But as the days and (sleepless) nights go by, the novelty definitely wears off a little as you quickly become acquainted with the big set of lungs your little one is putting to good use.  Starting around 2-3 weeks, having a fussy period each day is pretty par for the course for newborns. And...

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icon-heartRed Nose Day 2022
Safe Sleep

Your ultimate safe sleep environment checklist

Red Nose Day has been a part of our nation’s fabric for decades. With the tagline of getting silly for a serious cause, you’d be hard-pressed to find an Aussie who hasn’t heard of the important initiative.  Since 1988 in Australia, Red Nose Day has been held ​ on the second Friday in August, encouraging families across the country to get silly for a serious cause to help raise funds and awareness for Sudden Infant...

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icon-heartPumping tips for breastfeeding mums

Pumping tips for breastfeeding mums

There are many reasons breastfeeding mothers will choose or need to pump milk for their baby. The most common reasons include establishing milk supply, storing milk for when you can’t be with your baby, easing pain from engorgement, or if your baby is having trouble feeding at your breast. Some mums may have to pump exclusively as their baby can’t breastfeed due to sickness or a health condition, or because they are separated. Or perhaps...

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