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How to nail the nappy change every time



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Created on Oct 15, 2023 · 3 mins read

Changing your little one’s nappy is a big moment for all parents. Soon enough you will be doing it with your eyes closed, but not actually, please. At first, it might seem a little strange or even stressful, but with some helpful tips you’ll be a pro in no time.

1. Decide what kind of nappies you want to use

If you’re interested in using some reusable nappies, consider your options. You can choose between eco-disposable, cloth nappies, or the regular disposable ones. Using the reusable ones is very environmentally conscious but will require plenty of washing, which might be a turn off for you. It’s all up to personal preference – so consider your options!

 2. Make sure you have enough

Stocking up is never a bad idea when it comes to preparing for your newborn. You might feel like a hoarder at times with the large stacks of nappies taking up your nursery, but it will be worth it. Your little one will most likely be peeing every hour to 3 and doing a number 2 multiple times throughout the day. Having plenty on hand will help you keep a peace of mind.

 3.  Get the other supplies

Besides nappies, you will also need wipes, creams, and a proper nappy bag. Prepare yourself with enough supplies so that your little one is never missing out on a the best clean. Another hot tip is to always have a few spares in the car or pram for those unexpected occasions.

 4. Frequency is key

It might seem like you’re changing your little one hundreds of times a day, but sometimes that’s what you need to do! To play it safe, they will need a change before and after every feed and definitely after a poo. Check for wetness every few hours because sometimes the disposable nappies are so absorbent you might not be able to feel it right away. Thankfully newborn nappies will generally alert you to the fact with the wet indicator.

5. Be prepared and vigilant

Make sure that you are always prepared while changing them and are extra vigilant. It is sadly very easy for a baby to roll right off a changing table, so keeping your hand on them at all times is essential. Gather everything you need supply-wise before you put your little one on the table. This way you will be able to get in and out efficiently and safely.

6. Avoid a nappy rash

A baby’s bottom is just as sensitive as you can imagine. Keeping them dry and clean is important to avoid any type of rash. To avoid this simply change them frequently, clean them thoroughly after each bathroom session, allow them to air out for a bit, and use a small amount of cream afterwards.

7. Keep your hands clean

Washing your hands before and after every change is likely very well-known but always important to keep in mind.

8. Have a boy? 

Ask any boy parent about changing nappies and they will quickly tell you that the secret is to keep ‘it’ pointing down. Often parents complain about leaking nappies and on inspection, their little willy has been left pointing up. You can thank us later!

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