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icon-heartnewborn baby and mother
Preparing for baby

Matrescence… The birth of the mother

When a woman is pregnant there is so much focus on her wellbeing and how she is feeling and coping along the way. Then she has the baby the focus seems to immediately switch to the baby. How is the baby sleeping...

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labour and Birth

Let’s stop saying ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’

What would it take for women to emerge from their births physically well AND emotionally safe? This is the question actress and activist Zoe Naylor, along with doula, Jerusha Sutton and midwife, Jo Hunter pose in their documentary Birth Time. Following a traumatic experience with her first birth, Zoe described herself as “uneducated and underprepared” and that she went in with “blind faith” in the system.  Second-time around, Zoe went on to have a completely different...

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icon-heartsleeping baby
Baby Names

40 unique baby name ideas you will love

When you’re picking a name for you baby there are so many things to think about, fitting it with your surname, actually liking it, fitting any family names into the equation etc.. But then there’s the question of, do you...

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