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Preparing for birth

Push it real good! What does pushing a baby out ACTUALLY feel like?

It’s the mother of all questions: What does it actually feel like to give birth and push a baby out of your vagina? Now if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re probably about to embark on your own childbirth journey and doing a little (or a lot) of research as to what exactly you can expect when the big day finally arrives.  The short answer? There is no way to predict how giving birth...

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Self Care

10 tips for feeling excited and healthy during pregnancy

Whether you were planning your pregnancy or it came about as a surprise, it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions with each passing day. Growing a human takes a lot of effort physically and emotionally and it’s ok not to love every single moment of it. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to make a great mum (spoiler: you already are a great mum!) The thought of welcoming your precious bundle can also come...

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icon-heartRound ligament pain during pregnancy
Pregnancy Symptoms

How do you get rid of round ligament pain during pregnancy?

There are so many wonderful things about pregnancy, the obvious being that you are nurturing and growing your little forever bestie inside you… But there can also be many things that come with pregnancy that are less than joyful, one of which is if you experience ligament pain during pregnancy.  As your uterus expands to support your growing baby, your ligaments are also stretching — which can cause pain and discomfort. This typically occurs during...

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Prenatal Care

Posture, pregnancy and your pelvic floor

During Pregnancy, the weight of your growing uterus during pregnancy can cause you to exaggerate the lumber curve in your lower back (lordosis) or to tuck your tailbone under your body to compensate for the growing weight...

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