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8 Products to help your kids get more sleep

Chloe Schneider

Chloe Schneider

Chloe is a writer and content strategist with bylines in mindbodygreen, Mashable, Ageless by Rescu, and more. She's a mum to one-year-old Felix, and believes that you can have it all, you just can't have it all at once
Created on Apr 05, 2024 · 7 mins read
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With kids, sleep can feel like a puzzle you never quite solve. 

Just when you think you’ve got the bedtime routine sorted and everyone’s getting their 8 hours, along comes a regression, an illness, or a transition from daylight savings.

In these moments it’s easy to feel a little defeated. It can help to remind yourself that no one has complete control over sleep, as parents, all we can do is create a sleep-supportive environment for our kids and trust that the rest will follow when the time is right. 

Part of building that sleep-supportive environment is optimising their space for sleep and creating sleep associations through the senses. These 8 products can help you do just that. 


1. Tommee Tippee Portable Blackout Blind


Darkness prompts the pineal gland to create more melatonin, and melatonin production is key to feeling sleepy and getting a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, the world we live in is pretty light-saturated and no matter how much we try to eliminate light from bedrooms, it can creep in from street lamps and cars. 

Blackout blinds are one of the most effective ways to create that sleep-supportive darkness, but they can be expensive or difficult to install. This clever option from Tommee Tippee is different — it’s affordable, easy to use, and completely portable. 

What we love:

  • Requires minimal installation, using long-lasting suction cups 
  • Leaves no marks (renters rejoice!)
  • Total blackout to create a completely dark sleeping environment
  • Folds away and can be packed up for holidays
  • Adjustable to fit any window up to 130 x 99cm 

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2. Ergopouch Autumn Cocoon Swaddle Pack

Body temperature is a determining factor for sleep, so chilly mornings can often bring unwanted early wakeups. Couple this with a time change and you might see a few more 4ams than you want to. 

Swaddle bags are a great way to solve this problem in younger babies who can’t have loose blankets in their bed, but tend to be particularly sensitive to the cold. Not only are they cosy and warm, they also come with a TOG rating and clothing guide so you can easily figure out what your little one should be wearing based on the room temperature. 

This bundle back from Ergopouch includes a 1.0 and 2.5 TOG so you’re covered while the Autumn weather fluctuates. 

What we love: 

  • Easy zip-up design makes overnight changes hassle-free
  • TOG rated for straightforward dressing
  • Arms in or arms out to transition once rolling
  • Fun designs to choose from
  • GOTS organic certified 

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3. Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor

Sleep experts recommend keeping room temperature around 18.3 degrees celsius. While there is some room for individual preference, sticking within a couple of degrees of this target is a great way to optimise sleep for everyone in your household. 

Whether you’re targeting that temperature or using the TOG rating system to help dress your baby, you’ll need a reliable room thermometer. This portable monitor from Glow Dreaming displays the temperature alongside other helpful bits of environmental information. 

What we love: 

  • Shows information in green when conditions are right for sleep
  • Portable monitor so you can track conditions without disturbing your baby 
  • TOG information on-screen
  • Tracks humidity as well as temperature
  • Remote sensor is small and doesn’t require mounting or installation  
  • Additional sensors can be purchased for additional rooms

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4. Groclock Sleep Training Clock

If you have older kids or toddlers who bounce out of bed ready to play before the sun, you might be trying to incentivise a longer lie-in. But telling a kid who can’t read a clock not to get up until 6am is, well, a pretty major challenge.

That’s where sleep training clocks come in. They use colours and symbols to show kids when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to get up. This option from Tommee Tippee is great because it transitions into a nightlight and audible alarm as your kids get older. 

What we love:

  • Ollie the Owl character appeals to kids
  • Colours and symbols are shown alongside the time to help kids learn
  • USB-powered for easy charging
  • Doubles as a nightlight
  • Can be used as an audible alarm as kids get older
  • Adjustable brightness

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5. Love to Dream Self-Soothing Toys

Just like we might read a book, listen to a meditation, or scroll through Instagram to switch off after a long day, our little ones need sensory ways to regulate their emotional state so they can go into dreamland. 

These Love to Dream Self-Soothing Toys include tactile fabrics and features to give babies and toddlers something to play with while they wind down, helping them ease out of their day and into a restful slumber. 

What we love:

  • Two different characters available to help soothe different types of kids
  • Gently weighted to promote a sense of calm
  • Helps baby learn to self-regulate emotions
  • Developed under the guidance and support of a paediatric occupational therapist
  • Suitable for all ages (though should not be in the sleeping environment)

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6. Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Portable Sleep Aid

Relaxing sounds, like pink noise, rainfall, or lullabies, can help create a calming, sleep-optimised environment for babies, kids, and adults. The key is to find the sound that works for your little one, and you if you’re sleeping in the same room! 

This portable sleep aid from Euky Bear is great because it has a variety of options to cycle through, so you can find the calming noise that works for you, or change it up between naps and night sleep. It also has a red light to support the body’s circadian rhythm and provide a gentle light for easy use in the dark.

What we love: 

  • Five types of sound to choose from including pink noise, heart beat, waterfall, shusher and lullabies
  • Adjustable red light sleep therapy
  • Up to 24-hours running time without charge
  • Light-up buttons for easy use in the dark 
  • USB charger

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7. Snotty Noses Hush Vaporiser

With little noses and frequent sniffles, babies, toddlers and little kids often lose sleep because they are congested, uncomfortable or dried out from heaters. This can be the case year-round, but especially in the cooler months when viruses do the rounds. 

A humidifier is a great, natural way to help your kids breathe easier and sleep better. This option from Snotty Noses is a healthy, safe, cool mist vaporiser with aromatherapy and other clever extras. 

What we love: 

  • Cool vapour mist suitable for all ages
  • Multiple light functions including deep and bright red
  • Comes with designer covers
  • Comes with a certified organic aromatherapy oil 
  • Includes a bluetooth speaker with built-in soothing sounds

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8. Bluey & Friends Bluey Night Light

Kids who are past the toddler phase may no longer need sleep associations like sound or a humidifier to help them drift off, but removing their source of light can lead to tears. 

This cute Bluey night light is a great option for kids who are afraid of the dark, or need a light source to get up and go to the toilet, get some water, or visit mum and dad. 

What we love:  

  • Cute Bluey design makes a great gift
  • Portable 
  • Good size for bedside tables 
  • Easy to clean 

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Wrapping it up

Bedtime and a house full of kids might seem like too fighting forces, but they don’t have to be! Whether you’re making the transition from daylight savings, or your kids are just going through their “sleep is for the weak” phase, it’s about working smarter (not harder) to sneak those Zzs in. 

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