What to expect: 6-12 Weeks

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Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 1 min read

As your baby gets older, you will find they can stay awake for longer and there is more time for activities. They will engage with you much more now, and start looking around, following your voice wherever you go.Your baby will still determine their own sleep pattern at this stage however, you may notice a day and night pattern forming.


Now is a great time to start putting an evening routine in place to help your baby distinguish the difference between day and night. This can be set by a sequence called ‘Feed-Bath-Feed’. This is where you offer one breast or half of a bottle, then bath your baby before finishing the feed afterwards. Be sure to do this in a calm, quiet and darkened environment, so that your baby understands it’s time for sleep. This will become a nightly ritual that will continue as your baby gets much older.

  • Your baby will enjoy short periods under a baby gym
  • They will be able to tolerate more tummy time now
  • You will start to enjoy smiles and soft ‘cooing’ sounds
  • Going out in the day will benefit you both but your baby will tire easily

Settling will be all about consistency now – remember to take note of your baby’s ‘awake’ window, as this will make settling for sleep a lot easier.

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