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icon-heartPeriod talk with tweens

How to have the period talk with your tween

“I honestly believed I had some disease and was going to die. I was so sure I even penned down a will,” I shared with friends as I recalled the day I got my first period.   We all laughed and shared anecdotes about how periods were such a taboo when we were growing up and how we were taken by surprise. Sure, it seemed funny now, but those small incidents had been traumatic and scary...

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An essential guide for parents to help tweens break the stress cycle

Raising a child is no cakewalk, and navigating the challenges of growing up can be tough, both for you and your kids. As your children enter adolescence, they may start to feel the pressure of school, friends, and the looming uncertainties of the future. You’re definitely not alone in this, and we’re here to offer some helpful tips to ease the stress and anxiety that your pre-teens may be feeling. As a fellow parent of...

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icon-heartTweens first heartbreak

How to help your tween through their first breakup

When your child was younger, you heard other parents talking about this in hushed whispers and hands on their hearts. You probably pushed it to the back of your mind, knowing it was a long time until you had to face it yourself.  And now it’s here – the dreaded first breakup and heartbreak. If your tween is not the only one walking around with a broken heart and tissues, we feel you. Watching your...

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