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These self-care essentials bring comfort and relief to breastfeeding



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Created on Feb 08, 2024 · 5 mins read

If your breastfeeding journey looks less like “intuitive and rosy-coloured bonding moments” and more like “why do my breasts ache all the time and how are my nipples so dry?”, you’re not alone. Despite the cultural narrative of breastfeeding being the most natural thing in the world, for many mums it is the epitome of reality checks.

Thanks to Medela, we’ve got the ultimate power couple for breast care that brings next level comfort and relief to feeding. 100% natural and safe for you and your baby, their Breast Massage Oil and Organic Nipple Cream provide gentle nourishment to give your girls some love. 

Which is why we’re bringing you the busy-mum breakdown of what hurdles you might face when breastfeeding, self-care tips to support you, and how Medela’s essentials are here to have your back (and your breasts). 

Common challenges when breastfeeding

Whilst every parent’s experience of breastfeeding will be different, you might notice a few side effects like: 

🍼 Leaking: In the early days of breastfeeding, many mums find that their breasts leak milk. This is a good sign that your hormones are doing their job, but can make for some slightly embarrassing moments (*cough cough* leaking in the middle of Woolies). Rest assured, this is temporary and will pass with time.

🍼 Engorgement: Larger and heavier breasts are part and parcel of breastfeeding, but some cases may see them becoming very hard, full, swollen, or painful. Breast engorgement happens when there’s an increase of fluid (like blood and milk) between your breast issues. It’s most common during the first few days postpartum. 

🍼 Sore nipples: Cracked or sore nipples could be caused by latching difficulties, eczema, overwashing, infection, or mastitis. If your baby is teething, you could experience nipple sensitivity from the change in their saliva. 

If any of these issues cause strong discomfort or pain, make sure to check in with your doctor for support. On top of medical care, self-care practices like soothing creams and breast massages are simple and effective paths to relief.

Breast massages: Why they help and how to nail them

The benefits of a breast massage
Breast massages are an underrated, but essential, part of self-care for breastfeeding mothers. They’ve been found to regulate breast milk supply and help to express more of your milk during feeding, which relieves pain brought on by engorgement or mastitis. It’s also just a great way to show your girls some love and slow down during the craziness that is newborn parent life. 

The breast massage oil you need
Using an oil during breast massages brings extra comfort and ease for a self-care moment that makes all the difference. We recommend Medela’s Breast Massage oil, which promises warming relief with a nourishing Double Action™ formula of avocado oil and ginger. The non-sticky texture makes it easy to spread and apply for a soothing (and much-deserved) massage. It’s 100% natural as well as organic and vegan so that it’s safe for you and your baby (and the earth too). That also means there’s no need to wipe it off before feeding your little one. 

See our Kiindred review of this go-to solution here. 

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How to perform a self-breast massage

Trust your intuition with this and do whatever feels comfortable and right for you. As a guide, you can mirror the following steps.

1. Wash and dry your hands effectively (we should all be experts at this by now).
2. Apply a few drops of Medela’s Breast Massage Oil into the palm of your hands.
3. Rub the oil between your hands to warm them.
4. To perform the massage, you can stroke the breast with the tips of your fingers towards the nipple. Alternatively, massage in a circular motion towards the nipple, or gently knead the breast using a clenched fist or fingers.

Self-care tips for sore nipples

In the first few weeks of frequent breastfeeding, you may experience nipple soreness and dry skin. It’s normal to experience  sensitivity at this point, but if it persists, it might indicate latching difficulties or another underlying issue. 

You can protect and care for your nipples by applying a hydrating and soothing balm for some TLC – after all, they’re working real hard. 

Our nipple cream of choice

For natural relief that deeply nourishes, Medela’s Organic Nipple Cream is our golden standard. Its Double Action™ of olive oil and calendula provides a lightweight formula that’s rich with relief and clear of fragrance, additives, alcohol, palm oil, and GMO. To top it off, it’s both organic and vegan so that it cares for the planet just like it cares for you. Like the Breast Massage Oil, it’s safe for your baby so you can experience all the benefits without the mum-induced worry. You won’t need to remove the balm before breastfeeding or pumping. 

When you become a parent, the space in your head and your handbag becomes completely frenzied. So to help you out, this product is also multi-use and works wonders on chapped lips and dry skin all over. We’re talking sahara-like elbows, rough knees, or that random spot under your ankle. The balm is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, giving you peace of mind.

Medela’s badge of expertise

Medela has been taking care of mums and babies for more than 60 years, and since 1996 fostered a research partnership with University of Western Australia to make significant advances in the field of Lactation Science. Their evidence-based research ensures their products are expertly crafted for groundbreaking breastfeeding support. 

So whether you’re facing full and achy breasts or sore nipples with your breastfeeding journey, Medela has consciously designed breastcare staples to lift that load off your shoulders. With that kind of comfort, you can focus on savouring bonding time with your baby and making the most of those tender, fleeting moments.  

Why others are choosing Medela’s Organic Nipple Cream and Breast Massage Oil


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