What to expect: 4-6 months

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Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 3 mins read

Your baby is almost halfway through their first year of life! How time flies. As they are moving around, their understanding of sounds and faces is growing every day. At this age, there should be a few developmental things you can look forward to enjoying.

Social and emotional

They will easily recognise you at this point and show great amounts of happiness when you come towards them with a smiling face. If you catch them intently staring at your mouth you’ll know they are really trying to understand you now. Introducing them to more family members and friends will continue to grow their social understanding and make them more comfortable with new faces. Approach your little one with a calm voice and happy demeanour to continue to make them feel comfortable and cheerful.

Language and understanding

Their language will start progressing into the “ga ga” phase, how fun! They’ll even turn towards the location of sounds when they hear them now. Everything around them is interesting and if you call out certain objects their eyes will find them, such as a toy or their food. Laughing and squealing will be frequent for them as their emotions begin to expand. To continue this development keep talking to them, pointing out objects, count items, play wind chimes or other sounds, and read out loud frequently. Anything that can encourage learning and further speaking are best!

Hand movements

Moving toys around from one hand to the other is a new thing they can do. Their exploration doesn’t stop there; their mouth will now become the perfect place to try new things. Who knew everything could look so tasty. Also, their intense desire to try any and all materials will leave them running their hands along everything. Banging toys together to make noise is simultaneously a new hobby so give them trinkets that you wouldn’t mind hearing all day. Offering safe items to play with will keep them safe and content. Allow them to try out plenty of new objects like fruits and vegetables as long as they are harmless to them.

Body movements

Head and neck control should finally reach full strength around now. Your little one is quickly beginning to have mobility and independence as they’re almost ready to sit alone. You might notice them attempting to maintain their body weight when they’re placed on their feet but standing won’t come for a few more months. While doing these things they will also reach for their desired toy often. Encourage them to start sitting up by carrying them in an upright position while keeping them in a sitting position. You can also challenge them to reach for their toys by placing them at a small distance. Allowing them to explore and roll around will increase their abilities!

Halfway through their first year and it’s impossible to contain their exploration. As long as you continue to teach them or show them new things, your little one will be progressing naturally at their own pace.

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