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When I grow up: Why talking with tweens about career paths is a good idea

My eldest tween is on the verge of being a full-fledged teenager and trying to broach conversations about his future education and career has gone from ‘I want to be an astronaut’ to being a bit more realistic. With this realism comes important topics like subject choices, natural aptitudes, goals and career research. It can be a lot! However, taking it one step at a time is the way to go – starting with getting...

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icon-heartsexual identity

How to have open and honest conversations about gender and sexuality with your tween

It’s 2023. Simply talking to your tween about the basic birds and the bees will not cut it any more. That’s because the world has evolved around us. And as your tween grows and develops, they will become more curious about sexuality and gender. Talking to your tween about these topics can be challenging as a parent.  Why should you talk to your tween about sexuality and gender?  Having these conversations can help your child...

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icon-heartPeriod talk with tweens

How to have the period talk with your tween

“I honestly believed I had some disease and was going to die. I was so sure I even penned down a will,” I shared with friends as I recalled the day I got my first period.   We all laughed and shared anecdotes about how periods were such a taboo when we were growing up and how we were taken by surprise. Sure, it seemed funny now, but those small incidents had been traumatic and scary...

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icon-heartDangers of Discord

Everything parents need to know about Discord

If you have a tween, I’m fairly sure you’ve had numerous discussions and internal debates on how much you are willing to allow your child to be exposed online. I can bet your child has started nagging you about letting them use certain platforms, too, right? Between various social media networks, chat sites, and online gaming – it can be overwhelming. Never mind navigating multiple opinions and horror stories.  It may be tempting to just...

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An essential guide for parents to help tweens break the stress cycle

Raising a child is no cakewalk, and navigating the challenges of growing up can be tough, both for you and your kids. As your children enter adolescence, they may start to feel the pressure of school, friends, and the looming uncertainties of the future. You’re definitely not alone in this, and we’re here to offer some helpful tips to ease the stress and anxiety that your pre-teens may be feeling. As a fellow parent of...

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How to nail digital age parenting and keep your tweens safe online

Trigger Warning: This content may contain topics or language that may be triggering for individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, or thoughts of self-harm. Please use your own judgement around what might be upsetting for you to read. The internet has helped spread ideas across the globe but it comes with a host of challenges. While a parent can access great parenting content and find a support system online, their teen can be bombarded with misogynistic content...

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