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icon-heartEaster Holiday

These are the best movies for kids this Easter break, so you can start hatching plans

Can you believe it’s almost Easter time again? I mean, didn’t we just pack away the Christmas decorations yesterday? Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I’m super stoked about this year’s Easter break. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my little ones, eating my weight in chocolate, and maybe even squeezing in a nap or two (fingers crossed!). And let’s not forget about all the egg-citing activities that come with the...

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icon-hearttoddlers activity

7 fun and easy learning activities for two-year-olds

Two-year-olds are notoriously known for being endless bundles of energy – who are keen to play and learn all day long. And this is amazing for their development as their innate curiosity and excitement for the world around them have all kinds of positive learning benefits.  However, as parents – it can be daunting (not to mention exhausting) thinking of just how you are going to keep them entertained all day long. And you may...

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Baby activities

How to navigate Easter with your little one

Since Christmas and birthdays only come around once a year, Easter is a really great excuse for a holiday, family gatherings, picnics and, well… chocolate! Of course, if you’re a practicing Christian, Easter will mean a whole lot more to you than that – after all, Jesus is believed to have been resurrected on Easter Sunday, but I’ll save that history lesson (and perspective) for a writer with more Church-cred.  For parents of little ones,...

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icon-heartbathtime for babies
Out and About

Your first outing with baby: The newborn essentials checklist

When you finally get to take your precious newborn baby home from the hospital it’s the greatest feeling in the world. The little person you had imagined for 9 months is finally here and all you want to do is stare at them and nest in the safety of your own home. But at some point, you’re going to want (or need) to leave the house. And it can be a really scary thought. You...

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icon-heart3 at home activities for bonding with your baby
At-home Activities

3 at home activities for bonding with your baby

When it comes to bonding with your baby, nothing is better than some skin-to-skin, cuddles and gazing into their eyes. Bonding is not only a really nice time to feel connected with your baby, but it’s also crucial for their physical and mental development. As we bond with our little ones, we are actually setting up a safe and secure foundation and environment for them to explore, play and learn. So, as our little ones...

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