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Introducing your baby to an evening routine



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Created on Oct 22, 2023 · 2 mins read

Implementing a consistent evening routine will benefit everyone in the family. Not only does this give your little one predictability as they get older, but it will also give you a point in the day to work towards – so that everyone knows what to expect!

An ‘evening routine’ will be something that you carry through to the toddler years and beyond. So starting this from an early age is a great way to set up good habits for years to come.

The feed-bath-feed routine

This is where you give your little one half a feed between 5.30-7.30 pm. This is then followed by a bath and then the remaining half of the feed is given before bed in a quiet, calm environment.

Your little one will soon realise that it is time for sleep. It is a great idea to implement a ‘wind-down’ time for the house during this time.

This is particularly useful if there are older siblings around and will make bath and bedtime run a lot smoother. So, if you have the option to, turn the lights down, put lamps on and ensure the house isn’t buzzing or overstimulating with things such as loud TV or music.

If older siblings are playing, we recommend quiet activities, such as puzzles, reading or drawing. The Feed-bath-feed routine will still be beneficial for older children but will become dinner-bath-story with milk before bed.

Things to include in your evening routine:

  • Feed
  • Bath
  • Gentle, soothing massage
  • Cuddles
  • Storytime
  • Singing songs and lullabies
  • White noise
  • Parting words

4 tips for incorporating an evening routine

1. Timing 

Keep the timing and time of your routine consistent each night.

2. Sleep environment

Keep this environment cosy and calm – and the same each night.

3. Put your baby down before they are asleep

We know how hard to master the drowsy-but-awake putdown is, but keep trying and you will both get there.

4. Evolve the routine as you go

The evening routine that works for your 3-month-old, won’t work for your 6-month-old, so adapt and evolve the routine according to their age and sleep needs as they grow. This may mean pulling it forward or pushing it back in line with their day naps. Make sure you check out the Daily Rhythms in the app to make sure they are meeting their sleep needs.

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