7 ways to make the most of summer with your baby

Lise Bosch
Lise Bosch
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Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 5 mins read

Summertime is just around the bend for Aussie parents. That means becoming the sunscreen sergeant, hat patrol, fan enforcer and temperature checker (because being a parent means taking on a whole bunch of roles).

It also means adorable outfits for both you and your bub, and the chance to make golden memories you’ll hold onto forever (cue: summer themed montage). You can already picture beach days, poolside playtime and cutting fun shapes into fresh fruit.

If you’ve got an infant in tow, knowing what to do amidst the blaring summer heat can be head-scratching. It’s important to keep your little one cool and covered, but you still want them to explore and experience the world.

With these easy and entertaining activities, your family can actually enjoy summer, even under the hot Aussie sun.

1. Have a (shady) picnic

What better way to celebrate summer than a picture-perfect picnic under a shady tree? Well, it might not actually be picture-perfect (when is parenting ever) but it’s still sure to be a memorable time.

Head over to a quiet park, a grassy area near the beach, or just your backyard! And when it comes to food, keep it simple with small snacks like sandwiches, fruits and carrot sticks to munch on throughout the day. For your little one, some baby food pouches are an easy option for yummy taste that doesn’t require heaps of packing. Finger foods like diced fruit, quinoa and chopped avo are also a great bet, but might need a bit more clean up.

Make sure to pop in some sunscreen and hats to keep you both sun-safe, and you’ll be ready for a picnic to remember!

2. Water time for your baby

Spending some time splashing in the pool or the beach has so many perks for your little one. There’s the obvious (fighting off that darned heat), but the water is also a sensory world for them to explore. Plus, little steps can help them grow comfortable with a bit of H2O.

Perfect for keeping your little one sun-safe and water ready, SwimWays has a Baby Spring Float that’s made for infants 9-24 months old. Your baby can learn to love the water with this gentle introduction that keeps them cool and comfy.

It has Hyper-Flate technology that helps parents inflate it 3 times faster than other baby floats on the market (a busy parent’s dream), and spring technology that holds your little one stable.

Worried about waterside sun exposure? Its protective canopy provides 60-degree protection and can be adjusted to hit that sweet spot of shade.

3. Water time for you

And why should your baby get all the summer love? SwimWays also has Adult Floats to help you cool off alongside your little one.

All carrying that same Hyper-Flate Valve, you could go for the Spring Float Recliner, the Spring Float Papasan or keep it simple with the Spring Float Original.

The Spring Float Recliner is a sit-up style floating chair that helps you relax while chatting with family and friends, with a cup-holder to top it all off. Or, lightly dip into the water with the Spring Float Papasan that keeps you just below the water’s surface to cool off (whilst keeping you sturdy with inner springs).

And you can’t go wrong with the Spring Float Pool Lounger with its soft cooling mesh and inflatable head pillow, the perfect solution for that sunny and snoozy afternoon swim.

4. Visit the aquarium

Whilst a bit of sunshine might send you straight to the zoo, the summer heat predicted for our Aussie shores could be too much to handle. So instead, opt for a cooler, shadier animal experience at the aquarium.

Your little one might not be old enough to understand it all, but they’ll be completely captivated nonetheless. They can see the fishes from their books and movies in real life, and start to make some connections about it all.

It also might let someone else entertain your kid for once, even if that someone is a clown fish.

5. Blow some bubbles

Not every summer activity has to be a whole ordeal. Something as simple as blowing a few bubbles can completely fascinate your baby, and send them giggling.

Watching the bubbles rise, fall and pop helps your little one learn about the environment and even recognise patterns. If they try to reach for and touch the bubbles, they can further develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Developmental perks plus a whole lot of fun, it’s a pretty good deal.


6. Finger paint

And while we’re talking about sensory play, finger painting is a great DIY activity for summer. Your little one will love the cool, squishy texture of paint and letting their inner Van Gogh thrive. Chuck in some fine motor skills, and it’s a total feast for their growth.

To start, grab a waterproof smock, a large sheet of paper and some cleaning supplies (because we’re combining paint and infants). Spread the paint on the paper and let your kiddo make shapes and patterns with their tiny hands and fingers.

You can join in, talk about what’s happening and describe their designs, and listen to some music so your little one can groove.

7. Fly a kite

As always, Mary Poppins said it best. Let’s go fly a kite!

Your baby might not be ready to fly one themselves, but they’ll love watching you do it. Spread out a blanket to perch on, slap on that sunscreen, and let your little one become entranced by the colourful fabric gliding through the air.

It’s a calming and peaceful activity perfect for summer days with a cool breeze.

Whatever you and your baby end up doing this summer, make sure to slip, slop, slap and opt for spots that give a good dash of shade. Keeping close to the water will also help your baby cool off and have some sensory play, and SwimWays has the perfect sun-safe swim options for every family (from babies to grownups). So get ready for a summer you’ll hold onto forever.

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