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Living With Neurofibromatosis – NF1

Let’s talk Neurofibromatosis. This happy little face plays without a care in the world. She dances like no one is watching, laughs with her entire body and loves with all her heart. But this happy little face also lives with a genetic disorder commonly referred to as NF1. Now, most people haven’t heard of this,…

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mum doing yoga with baby

6 things you need to know about self-care… (in the first year)

As parents, we’re often inundated with well-meaning phrases such as, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’, you need to ‘fit your own oxygen mask first’ and ‘it takes a village’… That’s all well and good, but you’re probably wondering how do I actually do that? Knowing you need to look after yourself, and knowing…

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Signs & Symptoms

The ultimate guide to your baby’s poop

It’s safe to say that analysing your baby’s poo is a skill you never thought you would need. Let alone become an expert at. But here we are. You’ll decipher it, you’ll discuss it with your partner (more than you talk about your relationship), you’ll find it in all number of places (and crevices) and…

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Mother and newborn baby resting on bed
For Mama

10 nourishing foods for postpartum recovery

In those early days and weeks after welcoming your baby, your own nutrition is often the last thing on your mind. We’re so caught up in that endless sleeping-feeding-pooping cycle (theirs, that is), that our needs usually get pushed to the side. However, we’re here to remind you that looking after yourself during this period…

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mother checking baby hips
Newborn & Baby

10 tips for managing hip dysplasia from a real mum

Unlike most parents whose babies are diagnosed with hip dysplasia around 6 weeks of age, Katie’s daughter, Isabella, was just 4 days old when she was fitted into a brace. Having had hip dysplasia herself when she was a baby, her obstetrician had advised Katie that the chances of her children also having the condition…

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father and son hugging at beach

Figuring out your parenting style

Before you had kids you probably had a pretty good idea about what type of parent you would be. What parenting style you would embrace. Did you think you would be strict and run a tight ship? Or did you think you would be more relaxed, a go-with the flow type of parent? As the…

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baby's hips being checked by doctor
Newborn & Baby

Hip dysplasia in babies: Signs to look out for and treatment

Blowing raspberries on a belly button, squeezing chunky thighs and baby smiles are just a few joys of changing your baby’s nappies. Having your little one so close means you often feel like somewhat of a detective; where every minor facial expression or change in grunt simultaneously becomes an ‘aww’ or an ‘oh’ moment. Nappy…

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child eating watermelon
Nutrition Tips

5 simple tips to boost your child’s immunity through nutrition

When the chilly weather rolls in and flu season looms, many parents are concerned about their little one’s immune system. Although exposure to some of these bugs can strengthen immunity and build resistance, a healthy immune system is essential for fighting disease. The trick to a truly healthy immune system is maintaining a balanced lifestyle…

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Newborn & Baby

Little One’s nappies: Big on quality low on price

Nappies are the unsung hero of parenthood. They’re there from day 1 and keep the sh*t from hitting the fan. Literally. But we never really give them much thought – until we run out of them (or there’s a dreaded 💩  explosion). Woolworth’s range of Little One’s nappies offer up to 12 hours absorbency* to…

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