What to expect: 10-12 months



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Updated on Feb 06, 2024 · 3 mins read
What to expect: 10-12 months

Around this time you may have many expectations on your baby. You’re probably wondering when they are going to walk and talk. Try to focus on the little moments and not get too wrapped up on timelines. Everything they do at this age will be new and full of excitement! So, if you want to know the general changes here are a few.

Social and emotional

Separation anxiety is very common at this age. They have become very comfortable with you and don’t like it when you leave them – who could blame them! Being near you keeps them at ease so make them feel safe by giving them loads of hugs and kisses while soothing them. Meanwhile, they may appear wary of strangers so be aware but continue to help them become more comfortable.

Language and understanding

After watching people with serious intent, they will begin mimicking with gestures and actions. You can also usually start to expect a word or two by this stage, or they might even know a few by now. It’s definitely a special moment when they say “mama” or “dada”! Calling out their name will grab their attention and they’ll usually start pointing to things they want from learning the objects around them. Pictures have become a major point of interest and they might start repeating animal noises – you’ve got a little monkey in your house now!

To further their understanding, call out their name so they can become familiar with it. Encourage them with games where they can point and call out names. Continue to pronounce plenty of words and put new words into sentences for them to understand. For example, “your banana is yummy”. Start buying picture books where you can name animals or objects they might recognise. Finally, you can play hide-and-seek to excite them with their surroundings.

Hand movements

Grabbing will become more and more frequent as they give and take objects with those around them. Both of their hands are useful to them now and using their index finger and thumb will be normal. With their toy box, they can put blocks in them and throw objects around which will be great for cleanup! Keep up this progress by playing games with them and handing toys back and forth. Assisting them with their new pursuits will encourage them and keep them entertained!

Body movements

Walking alone might be a big step for your little one! Holding onto furniture will assist their new ability and they will be so excited to be up off their bottoms. Hold onto their hands to help them out and always be there to support them. They will definitely be helping you get your cardio in soon!

Your first year with your precious newborn has come in a flash. So many changes have occurred in the blink of an eye and your little one has learned a great deal from you. Make sure to be ready to capture all of their adorable firsts as you’ll cherish them forever!

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