What to Expect: 9-12 months


This is a very social age and your little one will really enjoy ‘talking’ to people and bopping along to music. As they are much more engaged with the world around them, now is the perfect time to introduce swimming, music classes or attending a playgroup. 


Preparing meals will become a lot easier now, as your baby will be able to enjoy food closer to that of a family meal. They will be able to handle the consistency of risotto and a lot more finger food with their meal


It is important to resettle your baby in their afternoon sleep to extend it past one sleep cycle i.e 45 mins, as this sleep will continue until they are almost 3 years old. With time and by being consistent, you will be in a rhythm in no time. 

Awake Times 

With your little one being able to stay awake for longer periods at a time, now is a great time to travel with your baby. You will be able to get out and about to enjoy the surroundings.


Returning to work 

Returning to work doesn’t have to dramatically change your routine. Around the 9 month mark, your baby will be much more predictable and it will be easier for a caregiver or partner to help with their care. 

Go with what feels right in terms of the type of care you choose for your little one – whether it be a nanny, daycare, shared care or family members. Whichever option you choose, be prepared for extra colds and sickness due to the change in their environment.

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