Having school aged kids can feel like a whole new world but we’ve got great advice on everything from navigating technology to behaviour and communication.

Behaviour Communication
Frustration tolerance is the secret to resilience in kids
One of the best ways to help our kids build resilience is through slowly increasing their ability to tolerate...
Behaviour Communication
10 Great sensory products for neurodiverse kids
Many neurodivergent and Autistic kids exhibit either sensory-seeking or sensory-avoiding behaviours.  
Behaviour Communication
Scripts for navigating traumatic events with your kids
Gen Muir from Connected Parenting shares advice and some age-appropriate scripts for talking to your children...
Behaviour Communication
There are no myths to music therapy. It's the real deal
"Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand" – Stevie Wonder.
Behaviour Communication
Oops! I forgot to fit fuelling my child’s passion into my kids’ foolproof routine
As a parent, I always try to have a foolproof routine for my kids. From waking them up in the morning to...
Behaviour Communication
It’s the million dollar question: How do you discipline a 5-year-old who doesn’t listen?
Let’s have a chat about something we all love to talk about: the behaviour of our little angels *insert...