How to get your baby used to a new carer

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Updated on Feb 06, 2024 · 2 mins read

Getting out of the house and finally going out for date night or drinks with friends is surely something you’re itching for. It’s also important for you to have time to yourself and away from your baby. Introducing this new person might be pretty stressful for you and your little one though and it can be a difficult transition. To them, this strange adult could seem scary or frustrating. Preparing them for this transition is important and will help everyone feel comfortable.

1. Give them notice

Kids benefit from having time to warm up to new things. Waiting until the day the babysitter is arriving will likely shock them. As much as you need to prepare the schedule and guidelines for your child, they need some mental prep as well.

2. Ease into it

If possible, get the carer or babysitter to come over for a visit to spend time with you and your baby together, so they can get used to the new person without the pressure of you leaving.

3. Tell them how fun it will be

Talking about all of the different and fun activities they will get to do with their new ‘friend’ will be exciting. Maybe they’ll get some extra art or game time that you normally don’t have the ability to do with them

4. Offer them control

Depending on their age, telling them that they can show the new sitter around the house or pick a special activity can help them feel at ease. On top of that, give them the opportunity to show them how to take care of their other siblings. Feeling in charge of something can be a positive addition.

5. Stick by their side at first

When the sitter comes over, play a couple of games besides them to make them feel more comfortable. Showing them that the new person is fun, friendly, and gets along with their parents will create a relationship and ease them into the change.

6. Explain the rules

Importantly, establishing how babysitting time will take place will set the expectations. Telling the sitter what you require, like no visitors or phone time, will let them and your child know what will happen.

7. Let them know they can always reach you

If they start to feel really upset, tell them that you are always a phone call away. You are not somewhere completely out of reach. It will make them feel more secure knowing they can call but only when it’s really important. Add on that you can call in the middle to check on them or near the time you’re coming home.

8. Ask them how it went

You want to encourage them to be open about their time. If they say they didn’t like her/him ask why. After, if they tell you that they weren’t having fun because they were on their phone or yelled too much, tell them you will take this on board and make adjustments accordingly.

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