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icon-heartsigns of autism in toddlers

Understanding the most common signs of autism in toddlers

As an autistic mum of a child with autism, I am often asked by other parents, “Do you think my child is on the spectrum?” Typically, parents asking this question may already have some concerns or inklings about their child. The struggle with determining whether your toddler may be autistic/neurodivergent is two-fold: first, many signs of autism appear in typical toddler behaviours and two, we now know that autism presents in a much broader spectrum...

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Could my toddler have a UTI? All of your burning questions answered

As hard as it may be to fathom, urinary tract infections or UTIs are a common occurrence in toddlers under twelve months of age. It’s usually seen in children who are still in their nappies. As if those itchy nappies weren’t enough already! A UTI is a bacterial infection that can happen in the urinary tract which includes the bladder, urethra and the kidneys. It occurs when bacteria get into the urinary tract and begin...

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Your child’s first words: A complete guide to teaching toddlers to talk

When my toddler started talking, I joked with my husband that I now had my own Man Friday, you know Robinson Crusoe’s best friend on the island.  Except I spent most of my days with him glued to my hip.  We communicated in two-word sentences: “Bird, go.” “Me cookie.”And we’re just one word away from Cookie Monster’s “Me want cookie.”  It was cute. And I loved it every time he called a “Butterfly” a “Flutterfly” or said...

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icon-heartpicky eater

Why is my toddler such a picky eater and how can I navigate it?

Most parents can’t wait to start solid food after four to six months of a milk-only diet. Feeding your child feels like the start of a whole new, hopefully fun, exciting journey toward eating. Unfortunately, for many families, mealtimes can become one of the most stressful parts of parenting. We all want to see our children enjoying nourishing foods and it can be extremely disheartening when picky eaters opt for an all pasta and chicken...

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icon-heartPreschoolers making friends

How to help your toddler make friends

There are few things more gratifying than watching your toddler make friends. I remember the first time I made eye contact with a fellow mum across the park as our two year olds giggled down the slide together. As our tired eyes met, I knew we were both feeling the same sense of joy and let’s be honest, relief.  You see, toddlers aren’t the easiest creatures to socialise with one another. They don’t really enjoy...

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icon-heartsay no to kids

8 ways to say ‘No’ to kids without saying no

Unless you want your child’s first word to be ‘No’ (and trust me, you don’t), it’s a good idea to steer far away from this two-letter word.  According to one study, the word “no” is one of the 10 most frequent first words. These include mummy, daddy, ball, bye, hi, no, dog, and baby. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go all Jennifer Garner in ‘Yes Day’ on your kids. You just have to...

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