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How do you entertain a 5 and 6 year old, you ask? Let us fill you in

Bella Heim

Bella Heim

Bella is a mummy of three, writer, and photographer. She's not afraid to admit that she relies on a little red wine to keep the chaos of motherhood at bay. When she's not dodging toys and dirty diapers, you'll find her documenting the wild and wonderful ride of parenthood, and adding a splash of inspiration, creativity, and a healthy dose of mum humour along the way.
Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 6 mins read
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It’s a typical day, and your little bundle of energy is bouncing off the walls, running circles around your now-exhausted cat.

Next, your pots and pans in the kitchen are now somehow all over your living room.

You’re on your third cup of coffee, desperately searching for ways to keep them occupied, happy, and learning, all while maintaining your sanity (and your home’s structural integrity).

This parenting stuff is tough.

First it was the newborn stage of sleeplessness, then it was the stage of toddler tantrums and extreme irrationality. And now your kiddo is a 5-year-old who is still acting like a toddler but taking one less nap, which means you are always asking yourself what you are to do with the time you have together.

Entertaining your 5-year-olds is so much more than just keeping them occupied or out of trouble. It’s about creating a foundation for lifelong learning, fostering their creativity, and helping them develop essential skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. By engaging them in age-appropriate activities that are both fun and educational, you are not only giving them the tools they needs to thrive in this crazy world, but you are also strengthening your bond with them while creating fun and wonderful memories.

First – let’s address some questions you’ve probably been dying to ask:

What’s considered a good activity for 5-year-olds?

At this age, they’re all about exploring their world and testing their limits. So, activities that challenge their minds and bodies are perfect. Think obstacle courses, puzzles, or even a homemade science experiment (just keep an eye on the baking soda and vinegar).

Kiddos around this age are still like little sponges, soaking up knowledge at a super rate. Encourage their curiosity with activities that involve problem-solving, like a DIY escape room, or let their creativity shine with painting or drawing sessions.

What should I teach my 5-year-old?

At this age, kids are ready to learn about the world around them. So, teach them about different cultures, introduce them to basic math concepts, or even get started with reading and writing. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it – laughter is the best teacher, after all.

Still not sure? Let’s start with some ideas!


Act it out (or, as I like to call it, “Household Drama”)

Nothing unleashes creativity like a good old fashioned game of pretend. Grab some props, costumes, and let your kids take the lead.

You’ll be amazed at the wild stories they come up with. And hey, you might even find a future Oscar Award Winning actor/actress in your living room!

Kitchen catastrophes (the tasty kind)

Baking and cooking with your kiddos not only teaches them valuable life skills but also results in some delectable (or, let’s be honest, most likely inedible) treats. So, don your aprons together and whip up some culinary masterpieces. Bonus points if you can sneak in some healthy ingredients!

The food may not be the star of the show, but their smiles will surely warm your heart.

DIY arts and crafts (aka “Creative Chaos”)

Bring out the glue, glitter, and googly eyes together – it’s time to get crafty! Whether it’s making a macaroni necklace or creating a cardboard castle, there’s no limit to the wacky creations you can come up with.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, and be prepared for an explosion of art supplies (and maybe a glittery dog, FUN!).

Scavenger hunt (or “The Great Indoors Adventure”)

Who doesn’t love an adventurous scavenger hunt? Create a list of items for your kids to find around the house, and watch as they turn into pint-sized Indiana Joneses.

If you’re feeling a bit creative and extra crafty, add riddles or clues for bonus fun. And remember, the messier, the better! (Even if the clean up sounds dreadful, but at least your kiddo will have lots of fun.)

Dance party (aka “Shake Your Booty-thon”)

Crank up the music and let loose with a wild dance party. This is a great way for your little ones to burn off energy, improve coordination, and have a blast. Plus, you’ll finally have a chance to show off those dance moves you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror (don’t worry, I won’t judge).

Alphabet and number games (aka “Letter Lunacy and Number Nonsense”)

Break out the flashcards or play games like “I Spy” to help your kiddos learn their letters and numbers. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they pick it up!

You can also go outside and take a walk while playing “I Spy”, this will help your child connect to nature and be more aware of their surroundings.

DIY science experiments (or “Little Einsteins in the Making”)

Kids learn best by doing. You can consider turning your kitchen into a little home laboratory and explore simple science concepts with your kids. Create a volcano, make slime, or grow your own crystals. There are a lot of online resources that will give you some ideas. I can promise you they’ll be begging to learn more! Plus, this will also bring out the inner child in you to have a bit of fun.

Reading time (aka “The Storytelling Spectacular”)

Cuddle up with a good book and let your child’s imagination soar. Take turns reading aloud or make up your own stories together. You can also use some paper and colour pencils and create a book together withcolourful drawings. Create a fun story together and have endless hours of fun.

And who knows, you might even discover the next Pulitzer Prize winner!

Nature exploration (or “The Great Outdoor Adventure”)

Kids love to run outside and explore. Take your learning outside and explore the world around you. Grab a coat and go for a nature walk, create a backyard garden, or even start a family bird-watching club. The possibilities are endless!

Maybe even just running around in nature will help them sneak in a nap in the afternoon? Yes please!

Music and movement (aka “The Rhythmic Rumpus”)

Kids are naturally drawn to music, do you remember the cute dance moves they rock that make your heart scream “awww”? Inspire your kids to the wonderful world of music through singing, dancing, and even playing instruments. You can even use everyday materials such as cardboard boxes and paper cups to make their own instruments, and spend time together to decorate with some crayons. You’ll be creating lifelong memories and fostering a love for the arts.


As you embark on this journey of entertaining your 5 and 6-year-olds, remember to embrace the chaos, relish the laughter, and cherish the memories you’re creating together.

So, go forth and have a blast with your little ones, and remember – there’s no such thing as too much glitter (or laughter)!

Embrace your inner child, let your imagination run wild, and be prepared for endless fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

After all, it’s often said that the days are long, but the years are short – these precious years may be fleeting, but the impact of the love, laughter, and learning you share will last a lifetime.

Enjoy every moment of this wondrous, entertaining, and heartwarming adventure called parenthood.

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