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Understanding all the reasons children act in challenging ways

When we first lock eyes on our newborn babies, we can’t imagine them ever growing up and testing us. Maybe it’s the loved-up post-birth hormones, but it’s hard to picture your bub one day throwing the world’s most epic tantrum over the fact that you cut his toast in squares, not triangles.  The fact of the matter is that all children will act in challenging ways. Our precious, innocent babies grow up, child behaviour changes,...

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6 ways to build a strong connection with your toddler

They might be small but they sure are mighty! Toddlerhood is perhaps the most intense yet rewarding period of parenthood. As a parent entering this new chapter, you might be asking yourself “how do I emotionally connect with my toddler?” as you strive to raise an emotionally healthy child. When it comes to building an emotional connection with your child, we are their greatest teachers. So whether it’s showering them in love, talking openly about...

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Toddler Behaviour

3 ways to implement boundaries that are loving and kind

When we prioritise our kids’ freedoms and overlook their crucial need to feel like their parents are in charge and “at the wheel” – we are letting them down.  Too much freedom actually makes our children feel the opposite of free; and they often express their discomfort through limit-pushing behaviour. Boundaries are essential for our kids, and they are essential for parents, who are overwhelmed and exhausted and wondering if it’s meant to be THIS...

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