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Our Story

I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted to start my parenting journey, but nothing prepared me for what lay ahead once I had my precious newborn in my arms.

I remember that very moment my newborn ‘woke up’ at the 6 week mark, and this ‘go with the flow’ mum quickly realised there was a lot more I needed to learn about my baby’s needs. When researching, I noticed a lack of ‘easy to digest’ content that was targeted to the millennial parent. I didn’t have time to search, and all the information was either too ‘mumsy’ or outdated.

The parenting space hadn’t caught up with the change in generation, and the way we consumed content.

This is when the Kiindred journey began…

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We are the 'go-to' platform for the modern millennial parent, covering everything pregnancy, newborn, baby and toddler.


We want to ensure that all new parents feel confident in navigating the pregnancy and newborn to toddler years.


We work with experts, brands & influencers to deliver purposefully created and easy-to-digest content, specific to a child’s age.

Our Experts

We've put together a panel of experts to give expecting and new parents access to the best parenting advice available.

Our Team

We're a small team working together to make content engaging, educational and entertaining for the millennial parent.

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Media Manager

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Head of Product

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Web Developer

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Creative Lead

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Senior Editor

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Trends Editor

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Head of Content

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Head of Technology

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App Developer

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