“What’s a bump shot?” 20 things no one tells you about second-time pregnancies

Bella Brennan

Bella Brennan

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Updated on Jul 12, 2024 · 4 mins read
“What’s a bump shot?” 20 things no one tells you about second-time pregnancies

The first time you fall pregnant, there is so much excitement. Planning the nursery! Picking the pram! Buying all the cute baby clothes! Collating names! Attending the classes!

As you approach the great unknown next chapter of your life, there’s a whole level of anticipation and nerves. This is something you’ve never done before — it’s like the grown-up equivalent of Christmas Eve times a million. You’re so excited, you could pee your pants. Oh hang on, maybe you already did when you sneezed?

Of course, the miracle of growing life will never cease to amaze but if you’re lucky enough to fall pregnant again, many women say their first-time pregnancies compared to their second couldn’t be more different.

From your whole body aching almost from the get-go to the extreme fatigue you feel trying to keep up with a whirlwind toddler while feeling nauseous — we see you, second-time mamas! If you’re about to embark on your second pregnancy, keep reading as we lift the lid up on all the things no one tells you about being up the duff for the second time.

1. There is barely any time to romanticise your pregnancy like you did the first time around because you’re too busy wrangling your child while trying not to spew 

2. Everything. Bloody. Hurts.

3. What’s a bump shot?

4. You’d sell your soul for a nap or a bit of alone time away from your child

5. You forget every little detail that happened the first time around

6. Anddd POP! You’ll start to show way sooner

7. The first time around, your family treated you like royalty. Round two? You kinda get acknowledged but you still have to do the dishes

8. You’ll be less focused on researching pregnancy and birth-related things and more interested in preparing your child to become an older sibling


9. Forget curating a cute capsule wardrobe, hand-me-downs for the win!

10. Time will both fly and crawl. One minute you’re peeing on a stick, the next you’re in your third trimester

11. You were much more militant with food stuff during pregnancy #1. You’ll eat much more freely, while occasionally double-checking what you can and can’t eat. Although you’re counting down to that post-birth seafood platter

12. Your bump will double as a pillow for your oldest child. Let the sibling bonding begin!

13. You feel your baby kick sooner

14. You’ll be emotional about the fact your firstborn’s world is about to totally change. You’ll feel both excited and guilty about the shift in dynamic but know you’re about to give them the best gift in the world — a sibling

15. Resettling your child in the middle of the night is all kinds of tricky now you have a big bump between you and the cot

16. You’ll sometimes check a pregnancy app but it’s not really as integral this time around

17. Your partner might skip attending every single medical appointment

18. What keeps you up at night isn’t the fear of giving birth, it’s how the hell do you even leave the house once you have two kids?!

19. You’re much more efficient at packing your hospital bag and know EXACTLY what you need in there (snacks, snacks and surfboard pads aplenty)

20. You’ll have no idea how many weeks preggo you are or what size of fruit the baby is, but there’s still no better feeling than seeing your bubba grow at each scan


Growing life is no mean feat, especially when you have an energetic little one to keep up with so hang in there, mama! You’re doing an incredible job. If you’re wondering if pregnancy is harder the second-time around, well it’s different for everyone.

While you’ll probably never feel ready to be a mama of two, one day in the not-too-distant future, you won’t be able to imagine life without your precious second bubba. Not to mention, watching the unbreakable bond between your two children unfold.

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