How to explain where babies come from

Vanessa Hamilton
Created on Sep 27, 2023 · 3 mins read

Conversations about the amazing story of human reproduction should be a normal part of every household. If you are feeling apprehensive, do a little preparation so that you can respond positively and be an ‘askable parent’. Remember you want to be the person who tells your kids about this. Don’t let them find out in the playground.

Preparation can include: some reading and research about appropriate language, buy a children’s book on the topic and practice saying the words with other adults/parents. Don’t let your potential adult hang-ups about ‘sex’ (fear, shame, anger, guilt, worry, lack of sexuality education) stop you from sharing the amazing story of human reproduction with your kids.

After all, sexual intercourse is just the tiniest part of the whole story, it shouldn’t stop us from educating our children about it. Think to yourself: “Will my approach to sex and human sexuality give a positive, non-judgemental, accurate, up to date version of information, opinions and values to my kids as they grow up?”

Here is just one of the many ways to explain sexual intercourse for making a baby. Remember to explain that the word ‘sex’ means lots of different things to different people. What we are explaining here is called sexual intercourse or some people call it making love. Of course, there are other ways to make a baby, families come in all shapes and sizes – this is the most common way.

Where does a baby come from?

I’m so glad you asked me about that question, I have been meaning to talk to you about the wonderfully amazing way that humans reproduce. What do you already know about it?”

How did the baby get there?

“Well, a baby comes from a seed (sperm) and egg (ovum) that join together and grow a baby.”

Where do the seed and egg come from?

“They live in a special sac in the one body called an ovary and a special sac in the other body called a testicle”

How do the seed and egg get together?

“When two people have decided to make a baby, they do something very special for the sperm and ovum to get together. In a private place they hug and kiss and touch each other’s bodies, they usually have no clothes on. When they are both ready the person with the vagina accepts the penis into the vagina. The penis delivers the sperm and it travels up to find the egg…”

How does it grow?

“When the egg and seed find each other and join, it is called fertilisation. The embryo travels to a place in the physical female’s body called the uterus where it settles in to grow. It will go on growing for about nine months – this is called pregnancy.”

How does it get out of your tummy?

“When the baby is ready to be born, the female’s strong body goes through lots of changes and the muscles in the uterus stretch and help the baby come out through the vagina.” Sometimes the female needs to have an operation to help the baby out through a little cut in the tummy, but they have medicine so they can’t feel it. Vanessa’s book recommendations on Conception, Pregnancy & Birth:

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