5 tips for getting your little one dressed and ready for the day


You can file getting babies and toddlers dressed under “things they don’t tell you about parenthood”. Sure you swooned over cute overalls, adorable onesies and baby mittens (omg!) before having a little one of your own… But then you have a baby and realise the practical task of actually getting those clothes on a squirmy, (often crying) baby is a next-level degree of difficulty.

Or it was until you read this article, that is!

Because we’re parents and so we know the struggle can be real – but we’re also here to help! In partnership with H&M – and with the help of parenting coach, Genevieve Muir – we’ve got some insider tips that are going to make your mornings with your little fashionista go that little bit smoother.

1. Why is your little one resisting?

First of all, let’s think about why your baby might cry when they’re getting dressed? They might have just gotten out of the bath or their warm pyjamas and they might be cold. (Same tbh). Or perhaps they’re uncomfortable – trying to put a tulle onesie on? Or a three-piece suit for their mother’s group morning tea? If your little one is down for those digs great, but if they’re resisting and uncomfortable then dial it back a little. We know some of those adorable outfits are hard to resist, but comfort is key. 

But just because they’re comfortable, doesn’t mean they can’t still be cute…

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2. Talk to your baby 

Talk to your baby. Now, this might sound funny because your baby can’t talk back yet but Gen swears by it, “when we talk to our babies, they feel connected with us and this helps us to get in and get them dressed fast.” 

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3. Get prepared!

Don’t keep a cranky baby waiting! Trust us! Have everything set up and ready to go before you get your baby undressed. You want to avoid having them cold and naked longer than they have to be. Have their outfit, layers and accessories (because baby mittens!) within arms reach and work quickly.

Tip: Don’t forget to pack a spare set of clothes when you’re heading out with your little one for those inevitable poo explosions or baby voms…

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4. Allow your baby’s emotions. 

If your baby is particularly resistant to getting dressed it can be stressful and you both can get worked up. But Gen says that it’s important to accept your baby’s emotions and reassure them. “You might say, ‘I know you don’t like this bit, I’m almost done’ and this will keep your baby feeling connected to you but it also keeps you both calm.”

If your baby really seems to dislike getting dressed, acknowledge that and let them know that’s ok. It’s something we have to do every day to stay warm and safe but you hear them. As they get older you can get them involved in picking out their outfits which can help them to feel empowered and involved in the process.

Tip: H&M’s long sleeve body suits come with envelope sleeves which make getting them on and off a breeze!

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5. Don’t overcomplicate things

This is especially important if you have a particularly resistant dresser, but is good as a general rule – especially in the early months. Keep it simple. Onesies, leggings, soft fabrics, breathable, no annoying or uncomfortable features.

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Life with little ones is never dull! Even something as seemingly simple as getting dressed and ready for the day – can be a curveball that you didn’t see coming. But with a little planning, some expert tips (thanks Gen!) and a big old dose of patience (this too shall pass!) you will get through this phase. Then, before you know it, you’ll be arguing with your fashionista toddler about not getting changed into 15 different outfits a day. Parenting, amirite?

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x H&M.

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