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What to expect at 3-5 months



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Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 1 min read

This is an exciting time in your baby’s development where you will experience a lot of firsts. Your baby will become more social and you will start hearing the basics of language with their little baby babble. Your baby’s day will be a lot more predictable by now, and you can start to follow a ‘Daily Rhythm’. This will help guide you through the day on what your baby needs with regards to feeding, sleep and awake timings.


Your baby will be ready for solids somewhere between 4-6 months but keep in mind that every baby is different. You will need to look out for important developmental signs that indicate if your baby is truly ready.


Between 3-4 months, your baby may start waking up after a 45-minute sleep cycle and will find it hard to resettle by themselves. They will need your support during this time to go back to sleep, in order to avoid ‘catnapping’.

Awake Timings

Understanding your baby’s awake times is a key factor in settling them for sleep. By putting your baby down at this time, they will settle much easier than if they were under or overtired.


Seek advice if resettling is still proving difficult for you Your baby will be bringing their hand to their mouth but this is not necessarily a sign of hunger or teething.

They are moving on the floor a lot more Your baby is more interactive with other people Transitioning.

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Once your baby starts to roll over, you will need to look at how you put them to bed. This is the time to transition your baby out of their swaddle and into a sleeping bag.

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