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Movie Frenzy has family film night sorted – all you need to do is pick your favourite(s)

Whether you’re looking to entertain the little ones over the weekend, or you’re in for a family night on the couch, the kids will grinning from ear-to-ear with excitement for some of the latest and greatest movie flicks, brought straight to your small screen.  An unmissable week-long event  movie fans know and love, Movie Frenzy returns, running from Friday, 10 February to Thursday, 16 February. For one week only, hundreds of the latest and greatest...

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icon-heartHandy things for arts and crafts
Arts and crafts for kids

The most handy things to have for arts and crafts

If you’re an arts and crafts parent, you may often find yourself in need of additional supplies, especially if your little one has a creative streak. Whether it’s because your kid needs to colour an extra picture or you simply forgot to buy more paint brushes, keeping some of these items on hand can be very handy when it comes to arts and crafts time. Here are the 8 most handy things to keep around...

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icon-heartArts & crafts at home
Fun art & crafts for kids at home

5 amazing arts and crafts kids can do at home

School holidays are in full swing and you might be wondering what to get your kids to do while at home. One great option that’s low-cost and easy to prepare at home are arts and crafts projects that your children can enjoy together with their friends or siblings. Here are 5 amazing arts & crafts kids can do at home! 1. Cardboard Mask Make a cardboard mask with your child. This is a really fun...

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icon-heartart and crafts are important for child development
Art & crafts for Child's Development

5 reasons why arts and crafts are great for your child’s development

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and arts and crafts can be a great way to encourage them to explore new ideas in a fun way. If you’re looking for some fun family activities that will help your child’s development, try these five arts and crafts projects with your child today! 1. Arts and crafts encourage creativity Creativity is a huge part of early child development and plays a large role in...

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icon-heartscreen time
At-home Activities

5 Entertainment ideas for preschoolers to replace screen time

We get it – when you’re looking after a toddler the days can often drag on for what feels like an eternity. Before you know it, you’ve got them plonked down in front of the TV and they’re watching Moana for the 15th time. Hey, no judgement. We’ve all been there!  It’s tough keeping your preschooler entertained and you might be asking yourself “what should preschoolers do instead of screen time?” Sometimes coming up with...

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