Is it time for bath in a big tub?



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Updated on Feb 05, 2024 · 2 mins read
Is it time for bath in a big tub?

Moving from a baby bath to the bathtub can be a big moment for your little one. Suddenly, they’ve become a bit too big for their own tub and are more active than ever. Knowing when the right time to make the change can be uncertain, but there are a few tips and tricks to get your little fish happily swimming in that big tub in no time.

When Should I Make the Change?

A good rule of thumb is whenever they are sitting up on their own. If they’re able to control their body and rule the small pond that is their current bath, it’s time for them to graduate. Especially if their body has outgrown the tiny tub, you won’t have a choice as they need more space.

Be prepared and safe

The most important aspect of big bath time is the enhancement of safety and vigilance. With more room comes more opportunities for falling into the water and potential danger. Have all of your shampoo and soap ready for use before you put your little one in the tub. This way you won’t have to move around at all and can always be within an arm’s length of them. Always keep your eye on them because they will be exploring and moving around nonstop!

Transition slowly

If you’re not sure they can handle going straight into the tub, bring their baby bath in. Start the process off slow by making them comfortable in the larger area with what they’re used to.

Set the tub up safely

Water temperature and a non-slip mat are essential to having a happy bath time. Test the water before you put them in, making sure it’s warm but not hot. Fill the tub with just an inch or 2 of water and put a mat down for more protection.

Bring toys

Make bath time in this bigger space plenty of fun with plenty of toys. All of this new room gives your child the opportunity to play even more! Anything they can get their hands on that will float or make waves with will be more than enough entertainment.

Your little dipper is ready for big waters! Taking a few precautionary steps will help both of you feel more than comfortable. Enjoy all the splashes and bubble hairdos that are coming your way.

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