What to Expect: 6-7 months

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Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 2 mins read

The 6-month milestone marks an exciting time in your little one’s development – from establishing solids to teething and combat crawling, be prepared to be amazed by what they are capable of.


As you start to introduce more meals into your little one’s day, be careful not to ‘overfeed’ them. Be mindful of portion sizes, as to not compromise milk feeds. Giving a dinner meal too late in the day, can interfere with the night milk feed and sleep as a result. Try to ensure there is at least 1.5 hours between these.


Your little one may only be waking for one night feed by now – if not sleeping through. It is important to settle your baby where you find them in their cot, rather than trying to reposition them. At this stage, picking them up will only encourage their dependence on you for going back to sleep.

Awake Times

With your baby’s newfound mobility, it is also a good idea to get down on their level and see what is within reach. You would be surprised at the number of little things that could potentially end up in their mouth – especially if you have older children or pets. Baby proofing begins now!



  • They will enjoy toys that light up
  • Your baby will love getting out and about
  • Nappy free time is great for your baby to get used to the way their body moves without the restriction of clothing, and allows their skin to breathe

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