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What to expect: 2 – 6 weeks



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Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 2 mins read

At this stage, your baby is still progressing slowly but little blessings like smiling and gurgling sounds will become more frequent. It’s impossible to ignore those adorable toothless smiles! Development comes in stages and weeks 2-6 will see some exciting ones.

Social and emotional

Whenever you lock eyes with your precious baby they’re bound to crack a smile. Showing your comforting face to them will also change their facial movements and breathing rhythm. You quite literally take their breath away! Smile often at your little one and use happy facial expressions to show them love. They will be sleeping a majority of the time so you can massage them before dozing off to keep up bonding contact through touch.

Language and understanding

Hearing your baby gurgling “ooh” and “ahh” will become music to your ears compared to the crying that will become more and more frequent. Crying is their number one way of telling you what they need, from needing a nappy change to feeling too hot or just wanting a cuddle.

Again, the best things to do at this stage are responding with a calm and happy face. It’s also nice to sing a few songs to cheer them up in any time of distress. If you want to start entertaining them a bit, introduce a mobile for your little one to watch and enjoy but not above their cot.

Hand movements

Your child will clasp their hands around any object out of reflex so feel free to give them your fingers to play with or a soft rattle or toy!

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Body movements

At this stage, your baby will still have no control over their head so make sure to keep your support behind them. Place them on your lap and hold onto their head to talk and sing to them. Also, they will be lying down with more relaxation and less stiffness now.

Your little one is still very new to the world and everything will be a first soon. Keep cuddling and showing them all your love as this will strengthen your bond. There’s nothing a good kiss and hug can’t fix!

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