Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is the place to be for everything you need to know about carrying a little one  – from what to expect to how to make it as comfortable as possible.

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18 Second pregnancy symptoms you did not see coming
You've done it before, so the second time round shouldn't be any different. I mean, you WERE pregnant for...
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The condition that feels worse than constant morning sickness
“It’s like a shocking hangover," they say. No, it is not. Though women who suffer hyperemesis gravidarum...
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Is it your period, or do you have implantation bleeding?
You've been eagerly awaiting signs of pregnancy after trying to conceive (hello, missed period?), or maybe...
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Making sense of chemical pregnancy and early pregnancy loss
Trigger Warning: Early Pregnancy Loss This article discusses early pregnancy loss, including miscarriage,...
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This is what you can expect from morning sickness
Well firstly, we're not sure why it's called morning sickness, because as most pregnant women who’ve...
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What is the average week of delivery for women with gestational diabetes?
When you’re pregnant, it can sure feel like you have to take a lot of tests. Of course, there’s the...
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So, what can you eat during pregnancy?
Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time, especially when it comes to understanding what you can and can’t...
Trying for a baby soon? Here’s a timeline for your year leading up to conception
We’ve talked all about what to do during pregnancy, breastfeeding, the toddler stage, and more. But what...
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When is the best time for pregnant women to start (and stop) exercising?
Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with joy, anticipation, and plenty of questions. And one question...