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Self Care

Do you need a pregnancy multivitamin?

There is no greater (or more daunting) role than becoming a parent. From the moment we start thinking about starting a family, we want to know we are doing everything we can to give our little one the best possible start in life.

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Prenatal Care

Let’s stop saying ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’

What would it take for women to emerge from their births physically well AND emotionally safe? This is the question actress and activist Zoe Naylor, along with doula, Jerusha Sutton and midwife, Jo Hunter pose in their documentary Birth Time. Following a traumatic experience with her first birth, Zoe described herself as “uneducated and underprepared” and that she went in with “blind faith” in the system.  Second-time around, Zoe went on to have a completely...

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Prenatal Nutrition

Foods you should avoid during pregnancy

Bringing a new life into the world requires a lot of changes to your own ! There are exercises you should do, positions you should sleep in, and food you’re supposed to eat. Your little one relies completely on what...

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