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icon-heartCervical Cancer

Cervical cancer: Screening and prevention during pregnancy

The words ‘mum’ and ‘cancer’ should never go together – at least in an ideal world. But we don’t live in an ideal world, do we?   We live in a world where 13000 cervical cancer cases are diagnosed in one country alone. We live in a world where 4000 women die of this disease each year.And we live in a country where around 800 women alone are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year.  In our imperfect and...

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icon-heartLoss & Stress During Pregnancy
Loss & Stress During Pregnancy

Managing Loss and Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often depicted as the most joyful experience in a human’s life but the reality is that there can be a lot of stress during pregnancy for many mums. Let’s be honest, being pregnant in itself is stressful at times! Sometimes the stress during pregnancy is directly tied to the pregnancy itself. Changing hormones and preparing for a major life change are bound to bring up some pretty big feelings. Experiencing pregnancy complications like...

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icon-heart teacups
Prenatal Nutrition

We’ll raise our teacups to that! How tea can help relieve morning sickness

If you are one of the estimated 70 to 80% of all pregnant women who experience morning sickness, please know you’re not alone in hugging that toilet bowl. So much for the peachy glow of pregnancy, huh? Whoever coined the term ‘morning sickness’ seriously has something to answer for. Reality: morning sickness actually equals nausea and often vomiting that can persist at ANY time of day or night. Symptoms typically peak in the first trimester...

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icon-heart10 tips for feeling excited and healthy during pregnancy
Self Care

10 tips for feeling excited and healthy during pregnancy

Whether you were planning your pregnancy or it came about as a surprise, it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions with each passing day. Growing a human takes a lot of effort physically and emotionally and it’s ok not to love every single moment of it. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to make a great mum (spoiler: you already are a great mum!) The thought of welcoming your precious bundle can also come...

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Prenatal Care

Posture, pregnancy and your pelvic floor

During Pregnancy, the weight of your growing uterus during pregnancy can cause you to exaggerate the lumber curve in your lower back (lordosis) or to tuck your tailbone under your body to compensate for the growing weight...

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