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Meet Genevieve

The power of connection

There's a serious information overload out there when it comes to parenting advice and Genevieve Muir knows first-hand how overwhelming it can be. Gen will help you learn how to filter out the noise and tune into your child’s needs. Helping you and your little one thrive through these fundamental early years with key, actionable strategies of connection…

“I remember crying after listening to you talk because your words really were so touching and empathetic. Going through lockdown and returning home to a toddler with a newborn, you really helped guide me at a time that I was feeling lost and weak.”


“Oh my goodness I wish I had found you before now!!!! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to tap into exactly what my son Ollie needed as he adjusted to his baby sister. I’m not saying every day has gone smoothly, but the difference is in our confidence, particularly knowing he needed us to be confident with boundaries and welcome any big feelings.”


“We had our second baby this year and we have been following your advice around how we manage our toddler's feelings/emotions and wow, it has helped so much! I have no doubt that this has made the transition to a family of four much smoother for all of us.”


Meet Chris

The fundamentals of sleep and feeding

Chris Minogue is Australia's leading Mothercraft Nurse, with more than 35 years of experience. Working with thousands of families around the world, her wealth of knowledge will support you through all aspects of parenting - from newborns right through to the toddler years. 

“Chris’ practical tips and advice has been a game-changer for my family. So simple yet so effective - what a relief to have found The Kiindred Expert Series. I will be forever grateful to Chris and her ability to apply expert techniques to each and every development stage, no matter what challenges you may face.”

Carrie B

“Chris has spoken about things that we never thought about, or even considered. There are no ifs or buts about Chris, especially when it comes to her expert knowledge of caring for twins - we follow her advice to the letter, and it always works out for us.”

Darren & Blythe

"By incorporating Chris’ Daily Rhythms into my kids day, I am able to juggle all that is needed for a happy, healthy family. If it wasn’t for Chris, I don’t believe I would have managed to get through launching a business, and having two babies."

Emmy S

Meet Stephanie

Raising resilient toddlers

Stephanie Wicker is a child behaviour expert, parenting educator, counsellor and speaker who has successfully guided families through early childhood behaviour for over 15 years. Supporting families to build solid relationships and healthy behavioural patterns through her evidence-based programs that are grounded in decades of behavioural science.

“Public outings were a stressful venture for us, often avoided… We know enjoy the challenge and see going out in public as an opportunity to support our son… and we have the skills to do that well. Now I feel in control, thankful for the way that we have been able to shape the behaviour of all our children, and well equipped with the skills to tackle bumps in the road.”


“Stephanie’s techniques and knowledge have given us greater confidence in helping our sons. We learned that simple structures and motivational techniques had the potential to instigate huge positive change in children. Trying to understand the way children think allows you to better respond to their needs.”


"The greatest aspect of Stephanie’s approach is that it works! With simple strategies implemented consistently, we have seen my child improve in so many areas and he is a much happier little boy because of it. We are so grateful for all the amazing work she has done with our family - we would not be where we are today without her."


Meet Brittany

Introduce your child to a lifetime of healthy eating habits

Brittany handles each customer as an individual. Her approach is using food as medicine but also supports this with evidence based nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to boost, support and speed up results in her customers.


Meet Brittany & Jacqueline

Navigate rnutrition for pregnancy and post birth

Brit & Jacq will help you cut through the confusion around what to eat, which supplements to take, what lifestyle changes to make and the lab tests you need during your pregnancy. You will be armed with the information you need to advocate for you and your baby's health. 


Meet Sarah

What all parents need to know

Paediatric Nurse Sarah Hunstead started CPR Kids because she realised that a little knowledge - and the confidence to act - can make all the difference. She hopes to empower parents to be able to respond in an emergency, and know they have done everything they could do in the moment.

"If you're contemplating doing this course - do it! There were so many things I hadn't even thought of that were covered and I'm making my husband do the next session! Such basic skills that could save lives and I can't believe I hadn't done this sooner!"

Alix S

"This is a great course to do, I feel much more confident after doing this course to administer CPR on a baby or child. The information provided is easy to understand and not overwhelming at all. Anyone looking after kids should be doing this course, our trainer was excellent."

Marnee F

“After a simple one hour of training from the incredibly knowledgeable CPR Kids team, I walked out feeling armed with the skills needed to help and/or take control in a life-threatening situation. My gratitude to Westpac, Julia and Jess and CPR Kids for being given this opportunity is immense….”

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