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CUB Nappies: Expert Review 2024



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Created on Apr 11, 2024 · 4 mins read
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Navigating the nappy world can be that final straw that sends parents into the breakdown to end all breakdowns.

When dealing with your child’s wee, poo, and all the unglamorous moments in between, your changing table ally has a big role to play. The CUB nappies can take the guesswork right out of the equation, offering protection, comfort, and support for everyday families (without breaking the bank). 

The good stuff doesn’t stop at practicality and affordability, they have many more wins to offer which we’re presenting to you in this expert review.

CUB Nappies in-depth review by Kiindred

What makes a nappy great? Security, ease of use, flexibility, and how gentle it is on your baby’s skin. The CUB range, exclusive to Coles, taps into each of these with high quality materials and intentional design that speaks to Aussie families. 

About CUB

The CUB range is exclusive to Coles and designed to support everyday parents so that they can focus on the stuff that matters. Is your baby’s nappy dry and secure? Sweet, now you can be present at playtime. That’s the reassurance that CUB gives you. On top of nappies, nappy pants and baby wipes, the range also features baby accessories. 

CUB Nappies: Product benefits

Keeps messes locked in
We’ll hit the big question first – “does it take care of my kid’s business?” You betcha. In fact, it goes a step further. The nappies have advanced leakage protection featuring a 3D super absorbent core, so your baby stays dry regardless of the mess (minus, the poo explosions; those are a thing of their own). 

They have triple elastic leg guards that help to prevent leaks. That gives you the peace of mind to be present with your little one, because their nappy contents are locked in. 

Comfy for your kid
Protection is all good and well, but your child’s comfort is also incredibly important. They should be able to move, crawl, and explore to their heart’s content. A nappy doesn’t need to compromise that. 

The CUB nappies have a stretchy waistband to support every wriggle and twist as your little one grows up. So that at every step and milestone, their nappy gives them the flexibility to go further. 

It’s also made with a contoured fit that’s shaped for the utmost comfort and freedom of movement. 

Gentle on their skin
All things exist in balance. So as much as you want a tough and sturdy nappy, you also want something gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin.  

The CUB nappies are super soft with a breathable cover, and are dermatologically tested. That’s a big deal, since nappies are often a big factor in your child’s skin health. 

Gives you the heads up
The wetness indicator keeps you looped in on your baby’s nappy status, so you can catch their discomfort just in time. It has a time-to-change line that shifts from yellow to blue as the nappy grows damp, so you gauge what’s happening without needing to open it up. This is particularly handy when you’re out and about, sans your changing table. 

CUB Nappies: Specs and features

Let’s get into the nitty gritty details. The CUB nappies feature: 

  • Award winning quality (Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers disposable nappies 2023)
  • 6 sizes available from newborn through to junior
  • Advanced leakage protection with a 3D super absorbent core
  • Stretchy waistband for comfort and snug-fit security 
  • Super soft breathable cover to help protect your cub’s delicate skin
  • Time-to-change wetness indicator line changes from yellow to blue when wet
  • Triple elastic leg guards to help prevent leaks
  • Contoured fit shaped for freedom of movement
  • Pulp is FSC certified from responsible sources 
  • Dermatologically tested

In conclusion: Why we love it

Every parent appreciates reliability. A product that shows up, does the job, and gives you one less thing to worry about. The CUB Nappies hit this right on the mark. Amidst all the chaos, unpredictability, and unpleasantness of nappy changes, you can trust that these nappies keep your kid totally covered from newborn through to junior sizes. 

Fuss-free and wonderfully comfy – the CUB team knows what they’re doing.

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