Bathing your newborn


Whether the hospital demo was a bit of a blur or you just want to ensure you are bathing your baby safely, Chris Minogue takes us through her tips for successfully managing bath time with your newborn.

What you’ll need 

  • Baby bath
  • Baby towel
  • Face washer
  • Bath solution of your choice
  • Safe change area or mat
  • Fresh set of clothes
  • Nappy

Set your bath up as close to your change area as possible. This will ensure you don’t have to walk too far with a wet baby.

Some newborns love the sensory feeling of the warm water during bath time, but others will take a little while to adjust. If your baby cries, lay a warm face washer on their chest. This will help to calm your baby and encourage a sense of security in the bath.

Remember, crying is only natural as your baby experiences the different sensations in the early weeks.

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