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Genevieve Muir

Obstetric Social Worker and Parent Educator.
Working at the Mater hospital in Sydney and also a mother to four beautiful boys Genevieve is passionate about helping families in Sydney and beyond adapt to the modern parenting world and all its challenges and not only survive but thrive.

Articles written by Genevieve
As parents, we are given SO MUCH advice (whether we ask for it or not!), especially when it comes to having a second baby. But how do you know which advice to listen to and which to filter out? When I had my second baby I had heard three things about smoothing the transition for my older son:
When I work with parents with more than one child, the number one thing they struggle with is: fighting. For many parents, our kids not getting along triggers worry deep within us that they may never get along. It can lead to a situation where we react in a knee-jerk, repetitive and loud manner.
When we prioritise our kids’ freedoms and overlook their crucial need to feel like their parents are in charge and “at the wheel” – we are letting them down. Too much freedom actually makes our children feel the opposite of free; and they often express their discomfort through limit-pushing behaviour.
I’ve yet to meet a parent who doesn’t occasionally lose it with their kids. You’re stretched to your limit, stressed, pushed too far and snap. It usually happens when something our kids do triggers something in our past, and we operate from a sense of fear instead of love.
Bringing a new baby home is an exciting time for your family. Seeing your eldest child interact with their new baby brother or sister will make your heart melt. But if your firstborn starts acting out, acting negatively towards the baby or vying for your attention it can be overwhelming to know what to do and say. Here are some tips for managing the transition with siblings to help them...
When we enter into this parenting game, we have a pretty clear idea of the type of parent we will be – or think we want to be. But the reality of parenting every day is that all bets are off and some days it’s simply about surviving. And that’s ok.
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