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Tori Bowman Johnson

Tori, a freelance writer, has worked in production, talent management & branding since her agency role at Vivien’s Model Management in Melbourne in 2011. Tori has recently launched, The First Word; a conversational podcast for women, particularly those who juggle young children & paid work. Tori is also a very proud mum of two little boys.

Articles written by Tori Bowman
Like most individuals and fellow mothers, I live with a sprinkling of mental health related hurdles. Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and (the following condition is not a mental health issue but it’ll soon become clearer why I am mentioning it), Hashimoto’s Disease. It took 21 years to clinically diagnose the 1st ‘sprinkling’, 32 years to identify the 2nd, and it took the...
Labour & Birth
The 22nd of March signifies World Doula Day, a date that empowers doulas to support women and improve their physical and emotional well-being in the birth and postpartum period.
I recently read an old Allure article by a woman who wrote about growing up with red hair. Her opening line read, “The first memory I have of my red hair is of wishing it away”.
Like many parents, I went through a stage of calling my baby the 'little fatso' of the house (in an endearing way, of course).
Santa may be offline for a few months (that or he’s off on a poolside vacay somewhere with Mrs Clause - must be nice) but the Easter Bunny is about to hop on into town!
Health & Wellbeing
I was struggling with resentment. I felt like most of us do at some point, ‘I’m tired of having to carry the household and the children within it.’
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