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Jessica Beaton

Accredited practising dietitian, family mealtime coach, and co-director of One Handed Cooks (a baby, toddler and family food website), Jessica gives parents the knowledge and confidence to navigate the challenges of feeding their children, and whole family, so that mealtimes are nutritious, happy, and enjoyable. She combines her journey as a mum of four fun-loving boys with over 20 years of evidence-based training and experience as a dietitian to simplify the science and educate parents in a friendly and practical way. 

Jessica has co-authored three cookbooks with One Handed Cooks focused on child and family nutrition; "One Handed Cooks: Raising a healthy, happy eater from baby to school age" (2016), "Boosting Your Basics: making the most of every family mealtime – from baby to school age" (2019) and "The Family Meal Solution" (2022), all published by Penguin Random House Australia. 

She has received professional certification in Maternity, Infants, and Children’s Nutrition in Practice presented by Child D and the Dietitians’ Association of Australia and the Unit 1 Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition & Dietetics run by The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Articles written by Jessica
Food & Nutrition
As Easter approaches, many children are excited for a season filled with colourful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and delicious food. 
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