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Bella Brennan

Bella is a writer and editor with over a decade of experience in women’s publishing and digital media. In her spare time, she loves making up dances to the Wiggles with her two little girls, swimming in the ocean and trying to sneak away from her family for a cheeky nap.

Articles written by Bella
It’s the age-old question that plagues parents and caretakers all over the world: when will you wrap up your parental leave and return to work? On any given day, I probably change my mind at least 20 times.
Deciding it’s finally time to start trying for a baby can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. While there’s so much information out there, figuring out the signs and symptoms of ovulation can make the conception process far less stressful.
Want to show up for a friend who’s recently had a miscarriage but you’re not quite sure what to do? Feeling like you might say the wrong thing is totally normal but you should never let your loved one suffer in silence because of your own fears.
Welcoming your baby into the world is perhaps the most joyful yet overwhelming time of your life. After nine months of growing this mysterious person, you finally get to meet them for the very first time! Locking eyes with your newborn is a moment like no other.
Baby Names
The name that has finally knocked Charlotte off the top spot… Picking a name for your baby is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy journey. When it comes to selecting the right moniker for your bub, you want something that will stand the test of time while making sure your little person has their own unique title. 
When we think about the early days of parenthood, it’s hard not to let our minds wander to the more picture-perfect moments. Think cute outfits, teeny tiny baby feet and warm, snuggly cuddles. And while there’s no denying there’s nothing cuter than a baby fresh out of the womb, all bundled up in the iconic rainbow-striped hospital blanket, there’s a whole new world you’re about to...
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