What to expect at 39 weeks pregnant


Your baby

Baby continues to put on weight in preparation for its debut, which could be any day now! The lungs are fully developed and have been producing surfactant since they were around 24 weeks gestation in preparation for them to breathe air.

Fetus 39 weeks

How you’re feeling

Yep that waiting game is still on, but it could still be a couple of weeks yet we’re sorry to say… Braxton Hicks intensify from now on as the real deal is imminent so keep an eye out if they change drastically or start to become more intense. Braxton Hicks should generally tend to ease off quickly or when you change positions, real labour pains will be more consistent and your position will likely not appease them.

Weekly tip

If and when your water breaks make sure to note the colour and smell as the midwife will ask you this when you call and it will help them understand what is going on with you and your baby when you arrive.

Water breaking can be anywhere from a big gush to a small leak, so if you are unsure, put on a pad and call your midwife.

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