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9 tips for beating the boredom in those final weeks



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Created on Oct 10, 2023 · 3 mins read

Becoming pregnant is like being given a full-blown hall pass for all things relaxation and entertainment. And rightly so because your whole world is about to change. At this point, your belly has reached the size of a basketball so you may have decided to finish up at work. Suddenly you have way more free time to binge-watch those shows you’ve been putting off and enjoy some seriously needed naps. However, these activities can start to get a little dull after a few days and you might be missing the distraction of work. If you find yourself wanting to do more but with little idea what, we’ve got a few suggestions to fight off that pre-delivery boredom.

1. Set up lunch, zoom & phone dates with friends you haven’t seen

Pregnancy can leave you exhausted most days so it might be difficult to get out of the house when you’re off work. With this newfound freedom, make some time to catch up with those friends you haven’t spent time with. Now is especially the time because you likely won’t be able to see many people for a while with your newborn demanding all of your attention! If you’re anxious or too tired to leave the house get visitors to come to you, or arrange phone or zoom catch-ups.

2. Pick up a new skill

Learning a new skill is always something you can do. Want to learn how to code or knit a hat for your little one? These are a few of the new skills you can spend hours perfecting while you have the time. Find something you have been dying to try and dive head in!

3. Read all the books you’ve said you would for ages

We all have far too many unattended books lined up on our shelves. Take these last few weeks to soar through them.

4. Declutter your home

Cleaning and reorganising can distract you for hours, especially when it leaves you feeling super productive. Making space for your little one is useful as they will be taking over every inch of your house soon enough!

5. Improve your cooking

Look up some new and challenging recipes to give your culinary skills a boost. Set up date nights at home to eat your delicious creations and freeze half of them for easy meals after delivery.

6. Explore local parks and exercise

If you’ve been too busy to stay active, now is the perfect opportunity to get moving. Exercise is very important to a healthy baby, pregnancy, and delivery, so take some nice long walks. You might not be up for much more than a stroll at this point, but a walk through a park will clear your head and get you some needed fresh air.

7. Pamper yourself

Being pregnant is not always luxurious; your skin might feel tight, your back will be sore, and your nails haven’t been touched in weeks. A good self-care day can turn any feeling of boredom – and mood – around. Get your nails done and indulge in a fancy facial or massage to find some serious relaxation.

8. Volunteer

Charities are always looking for a helping hand so if you feel physically up to it, consider helping out in your town. You’ll be able to meet new people and increase a sense of achievement or purpose.

9. Plan date nights

Once your baby arrives, date nights might become nonexistent for you and your partner for a little while. Keep the romance alive with a few inventive and different activities. Watch your favourite movies and try something new together.

Boredom is a normal feeling to come by when you’re stuck at home, but there are plenty of ways to combat it. Trying out new hobbies and spending time with loved ones are great ways to stay busy before your life gets taken over by nappy changes. Book that facial mama!

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