The best maternity clothes for an ultra-comfortable pregnancy

Bella Brennan

Bella Brennan

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Updated on May 28, 2024 · 5 mins read
The best maternity clothes for an ultra-comfortable pregnancy

Hello there, pregnant mama. 👋 If you’re reading this, it means you’re expecting! And you’re probably wondering: what clothes to choose during pregnancy?  And look, I’d be lying if I didn’t open my wardrobe at the start of my pregnancy and lament that I have absolutely nothing to wear and would be better off wearing a garbage bag to work. But once you know the key items to invest in, dressing your growing bump doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, maternity fashion can be fun! Keep reading as we take you through exactly what clothes to wear during your pregnancy.

What clothes are comfortable during pregnancy?

Stretchy pants

All mamas will understand how hard dressing during the first trimester is! You haven’t quite yet popped but your belly is growing at a rapid rate and suddenly none of your jeans and trousers fit anymore. That’s why you can’t go past these elastic-waisted pants from Sportsgirl, which come in a range of sizes, are bang on trend, and are perfect for that in-between stage of pregnancy. Buy a size up, so you can get more mileage out of them as your belly grows. The best thing? They’re perfect for post-partum wear, too.

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-1-1-860x1024Shop Sportsgirl’s Plisse Pleated Culotte Pants, $49.95

A maternity dress

Knowing what to wear to work or on the weekends as your bump grows can be hard! Thank god for Bae the Label’s amazing range of maternity dresses. I love this khaki number, which features a flattering silhouette and cute pleated detailing. It is a cotton/viscose blend, which means it’s super stretchy and breathable — win-win! Dress it up with a pair of ankle boots or rock it with trainers.

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-2-683x1024Shop Bae the Label’s All Or Nothing Maternity Dress in Khaki, $89

Another MVP that will get a high rotation in your maternity wardrobe is this Elke Knit Dress by Legoe Heritage. Made from premium ribbed cotton and cut in a seamless fit, the dress features an easy-access low drop arm hole for feeds. Looks cute with or without a bump!

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-5-682x1024Shop Legoe Heritage Elke Knit Dress in Chocolate, $119

A great pair of maternity jeans

During my first pregnancy, I point-blank refused to buy a pair of maternity jeans. There was just something about the stretchy belly band that I couldn’t get on board with. But by the time my second pregnancy rolled around, I was my most preggo in the dead of winter and there were only so many times I could dress up a pair of leggings, so I caved. And guess what? I LIVED in my maternity jeans. Don’t be put off by the belly band, my friends! It hides under your top beautifully and just because they’re maternity jeans, doesn’t mean they don’t follow all your fave denim trends, from boyfriend cut to wide-leg.

Asos, Cotton On, and Topshop have a versatile range of maternity jeans that cover all your bases. My top pick is this super cute pair of flares from Cotton On.

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-3-683x1024Shop Cotton On’s Maternity Rib Full-Length Flare, $44.99

A classic stripe

You can’t go wrong with a classic stripe number and we love this cute nautical design from Legoe Heritage.

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-4Shop Legoe Heritage’s Fleetwood Button Knit, $119

A pair of white sneakers

White trainers go with literally everything plus they’re a preggo person’s best friend as you reach the pointier end of your pregnancy. If you want to add some serious style to your wardrobe, treat yourself to a pair of Veja Esplars.

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-6Shop Veja’s Esplar, $165

A maternity bra

While swollen and tender boobs are often one of the first signs of being pregnant, your boobs will often not grow much until the second trimester — by which time you’ll be in serious need of a bra upgrade! With that said, the first trimester is arguably the hardest — morning sickness and fatigue are unrelenting for some, and women can spend a lot of their early weeks of pregnancy on the couch, in bed, or crouched by the toilet bowl…! Therefore, the first trimester might well see you making a necessary shift from underwire to wireless bras. Comfort is key!

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-7-909x1024Shop Triumph’s Armour Maternity Lace Bra, $64.96

Pregnancy is ALL about comfort. If you want to take comfort and wireless up a notch, while also being able to get your move-on, investing in a couple of sports bras is a good idea during pregnancy. After the first trimester, safe and regular exercise, such as prenatal yoga and walking, are recommended for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Therefore, a comfy and supportive sports bra is a must.

What should I wear immediately after delivery?

After giving birth, comfort is key. Don’t even think about jeans or tight-fitting activewear leggings — here’s your permission to live in pyjamas and ugg boots and not feel one ounce of guilt. You just gave birth to another living person, right now is all about being comfortable while you get to know your baby!

You’ll want to stock up on good-quality loungewear, floaty nighties, and stretchy pants. For the comfiest and chicest sets going around, look no further than Hunter Maison. Made from butter-soft, better-with-age, 100% flax linen, their collection of linen sets epitomise sophisticated, at-home style. You might not have brushed your hair in days but at least your loungewear game will be strong!

If you have a C-section, you’ll want to opt for high-waisted pants or tracksuits that sit well above your scar.

The-best-maternity-clothes-for-an-ultra-comfortable-pregnancy-8-683x1024Shop Hunter Maison’s Two-Piece Linen Set, $160
7Shop Papinelle’s Alexa Safe Maxi Nightie, $55.30

Before you curate your maternity wardrobe, take a look at what you currently have and see if you can incorporate any existing items into your pregnancy pile. From there, nut out what’s missing, set a budget, and then get shopping! The best part about maternity clothes these days is that so many of them can be worn after bub arrives too, so you’re getting really good value for money.

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