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Why all mamas and mamas-to-be need a good maternity bra…



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Created on Oct 23, 2023 · 4 mins read

Let’s be real, many of us get bra-fitted a few times throughout our teen and young adult life and then think we are set. We’ve got our favourite bras – we know what shapes, materials and sizes work for us.

But when you fall pregnant… everything changes. Even in those very early weeks of the first trimester, many of us experience sensitive or sore boobs – and suddenly our go-to push-up bra doesn’t look too appealing…And as you progress throughout pregnancy, the changes don’t stop – whether it’s going up a few cup sizes or feeling like your boobs are getting heavier. Not to mention, it is recommended you swap to a bra without an underwire early in your pregnancy – which leaves many of us who have been using them for years in a headspin.

Luckily, with brands like Triumph, we can find maternity bras that are not only going to support these changes throughout pregnancy but also be a huge life-saver once the baby is born and we begin breastfeeding.

We personally love the Amour Maternity Lace Bra and Gorgeous Maternity Bra because it supports you every day, right through pregnancy and breastfeeding.


No underwire, no problem

For many of us, our go-to bra probably has an underwire. Sure, you probably have a few bralettes or wireless bras for hanging about the house or wearing to a picnic on the weekend. But often our work bra or the bra we know is going to keep us supported through a long day has an underwire…

So a big concern for many of us when swapping to a maternity bra – is trying out a wireless bra as our new everyday bra. Luckily, the Amour Maternity Lace Bra and Gorgeous Maternity Bra have moulded, padded cups that give you the smooth silhouette and shape you’re looking for in an everyday bra while keeping you nice and supported all day- no underwire needed. Plus, they have all-over lace and keyhole details respectively, bringing in some feminine design so you can feel comfortable while still feeling like your pre-pregnancy self.


Comfort at every stage

During pregnancy and especially during the first few weeks of breastfeeding – comfort is 110% key! Your body is going through so many changes and finding products to ease your discomfort is going to make a big difference for your overall mood and ability to cope.

Your boobs change a lot during pregnancy and breastfeeding – it’s highly likely that you’re going to gain a few cup sizes, and while breastfeeding it can feel like your boobs are completely different sizes before and after feeding. So, it’s crucial to have a bra that is going to accommodate these changes and keep you feeling as comfortable as possible.

The Amour Maternity Lace Bra and Gorgeous Maternity Bra have six hook and eye adjustment levels to accommodate all these changes during and post-pregnancy. It’s a complete game-changer to be able to adjust the bra you own – rather than going and getting a whole new bra. Plus, this way you can know the bra you’ve worn and gotten used to during pregnancy is going to be able to support you after birth (because let’s be real, all bras have a wearing in phase…).


Designed for breastfeeding

Especially in those first few weeks, it can feel like you are breastfeeding around the clock. So having a bra that is designed to support breastfeeding and make it as easy as possible is a must.

Both bras have drop-down feeding cups with an A-frame support – so you can just drop down the cups when it is time for a feed. The easy design allows for easy, discrete feeds while remaining supported when you’re not feeding.


The magnetic clips are a must as they allow you to clip and unclip the cups with only one hand – which when holding a fussy baby, is a huge help. When you’re done the clips make it easy and simple to close up the bra and when you’re in those early weeks, anything we can do to make the process simpler is 100% worth it (sleep deprivation and fiddly clasps are not a good mix!).

The main takeaway is that when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding – you just want a bra that is going to keep you comfortable and confident. We love the Amour Maternity Lace Bra as it ticks all of the above boxes, so you  can feel supported throughout your whole journey – because at the end of the day, it takes a village and a really good maternity bra to raise a baby!

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x Triumph.

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