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Origin: Israel
Region Origin: Western Asia

The name Shannon is a gender-neutral name of Irish origin, meaning "wise river". It is derived from the combination of the Irish name Sionainn, meaning "possessor of wisdom," and the phrase sean-amhan, meaning "old river". The name is also associated with the River Shannon, the longest river in the British Isles, which adds to its natural grace. The name Shannon has its roots in Irish mythology, as it is connected to the legendary figure Sionann, who is sometimes said to be the river's namesake. However, it is more likely that Sionann was named after the river, which may be related to the Old Irish word "sen," meaning "old" or "ancient". As a given name, Shannon first became common in America after the 1940s. The name was originally a boy's name but has become more commonly used for girls in recent times.

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