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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

Ellen is a girl's name of Greek origin, meaning "sunray" or "shining light". It is derived from the Middle English female personal name Elen, Elin, Helen, which is related to the Old French Helene, Latin Helena, and Greek Helenē. The name is associated with Greek mythology, as Helen was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and the sister of Castor and Pollux. The origin of the name Ellen can be traced back to the Greek name Helene, which means 'torch' and 'corposant'. Corposant refers to the phenomenon of St. Elmo's fire, a weather-related event where glowing balls of light appear on the masts of ships during storms. Ellen may also have been a shortened version of the name Eleonora, which is a derivation of the name Helene. The name is pronounced as eh-lun.

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