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Origin: China
Region Origin: Eastern Asia

Quinn is a gender-neutral name with Irish roots that means "wise," "sense," or "reason". The name originates from the Old Irish word "Ceann" or "Conn," which means "head" or "chief". It was initially a Scottish/Irish surname in Ireland, coming from "O'Cuinn," meaning "descendant of Conn". The name Quinn has also been used to signify "descendant of Conn" in Irish. The name Quinn has a historical background, as it was first used in the county of Longford, Ireland, to denote the religious and traditional affiliation of the families. Over time, the name has evolved and taken on various anglicized versions of pronunciations such as Quen, Kwinn, and Quynn. Furthermore, several variations exist in other languages, including Gwen in Welsh and Quynn in Irish. Although Quinn has been considered a unisex name in some cases, it has gained more popularity among baby boys. The name Quinn has also been used in the film industry, comics, and the fictional world to reach a wider audience.

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