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Origin: Indonesia
Region Origin: South-Eastern Asia

The name Jodi is a feminine variant of the unisex name Judy, which derived from the biblical name Judith and has Hebrew origins. It is primarily a female name but can also be used as a male name, derived from the names Jude, Judith, Jo, or Joe. The meaning of Jodi is quite diverse: it can mean "woman from Judea" or "Jewish woman" and "Jewess" (from Hebrew "y'hudí/יְהוּדִי" = being a Jew/Jewish), but it can also signify "praised" (from Hebrew "yadá/יָדָה" = to praise). The origin of Jodi is rooted in Hebrew and is a pet form of Judy, which itself is a pet form of Judith, derived from the Hebrew "Yehudit" (praise). While the name Jodi was originally a pet form of Judy, it is now bestowed as an independent given name. Additionally, Jodi is the feminine form of the name Joseph, both of which are Hebrew names.

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