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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Colleen is an Irish-language name of Irish origin, meaning "girl" or "woman". It is derived from the Irish word "cailín", which means "girl" or "lass", and is a diminutive of "caile", meaning "woman" or "countrywoman". Although Colleen is a name of Irish descent, it is not commonly used in Ireland but is more popular in Irish-descended communities in countries such as America, Britain, Canada, and Australia. The name Colleen is generic and has been used for women or girls since the early 20th century. The origin of the name Colleen lies in Irish mythology, where Cailech, or "Cailleach" in modern Irish, refers to an "old woman" and is associated with a divine hag and wise woman who is believed to have created the Celtic landscape. This mythological figure is related to the Irish word for woman, "caile", which is the root of the name Colleen. The name has also been Anglicized from the Irish given name "Cailín". The name is pronounced as "col-leen".

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