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Origin: Azerbaijan
Region Origin: Western Asia

Mikayla is a feminine name with Hebrew origins, meaning "who resembles God?". It is the feminine form of the name Michael, an archangel who carried out God's judgments and is known as the patron saint of soldiers. The name is associated with power and strength, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate angels and their symbolism. The name Mikayla has several meanings and interpretations, including "a gift from God" in English, Latin, and American origins. It is pronounced as mi-KAY-lə. According to numerology, the name Mikayla is associated with personality number 7, signifying that people named Mikayla are introverted, possess high intelligence, and have keen powers of perception. They are often independent, mysterious, and embody wisdom, spirituality, and self-assurance. The name Mikayla has gained popularity in the 21st century and is considered a modern and lively name.

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