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Origin: Liberia
Region Origin: Western Africa

Taylah is a name that has two primary origins and meanings. Firstly, it is a variant of the Hebrew name Talya, which means "dew from God". This adds an element of divinity and spirituality to the name, symbolizing a person who is angelic and divine, like a beacon of light. Secondly, Taylah is derived from the Anglo-Norman French Middle English word "taillour," which means "tailor". This occupational surname has been common in English, Scottish, and Irish cultures, and it signifies a person who is skilled in cutting and sewing cloth. Overall, the name Taylah has a dual meaning, representing both the divine and the practical aspects of life. As for its origin, Taylah is primarily of Hebrew and Anglo-Norman French Middle English descent. The name has gained popularity in recent times, particularly in Australia, where some users associate it with the meaning "resilient". The name's historical roots can be traced back to the Norman occupation, and it has evolved over time into the modern spelling and pronunciation of "Taylah".

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