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Origin: Namibia
Region Origin: Southern Africa

Imogen is a female given name of uncertain etymology, but it is believed to have originated as an accidental or deliberate misspelling of the name Innogen, which is derived from the Celtic name Innogen and the word inghean, meaning "maiden" or "daughter". The name Imogen is also thought to have Greek origins, with roots in the meaning "beloved" and "gen," meaning "child," giving it the Greek meaning of "beloved child". The name Imogen gained popularity after William Shakespeare used it in his play Cymbeline, where it was likely a result of a printing error. Imogen is also a name steeped in British history and literature, with Innogen being the name of a legendary British queen and the fictional wife of King Brutus in ancient British folklore. Imogen is a popular name in fiction, with notable characters such as Imogen Moreno from the Degrassi: The Next Generation series and Aunt Imogene from the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.

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