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Origin: Cambodia
Region Origin: South-Eastern Asia

Lyla is a feminine name with origins in Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit, and it means "night" or "dark". It is related to the traditional Hebrew name Lilah, which means "dark beauty" or "night beauty". Lyla is also associated with the Arabic word "layla," which means "night". The name has gained popularity in various cultures and languages, including Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew. In addition to its literal meaning, Lyla is associated with beauty, grace, elegance, and independence. Some theories suggest that Lyla is a spelling variant of the name Lila, which has Sanskrit roots and means "play," "sport," "spontaneity," or "drama". The name Lyla is also thought to connect with the biblical Delilah, which means "delicate". The name's cultural significance includes being used to commemorate the timing of a child's birth in Middle Eastern customs, symbolizing the night or dusk.

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